Do you feel embarrassed wearing sleeveless tops in summer, due to flabby and loose arms? Explore this article to learn some of the best bicep exercises and workouts for producing well-toned arms.

Bicep Exercises

The most famous muscles in the body, biceps are considered to be a true sign of manliness and strength. Right from a 10 year boy to a teenager to an adult man, everyone desires to have bulging and well-toned biceps. Biceps are necessary for improving flexibility in the forearms and elbow and performing various upper body activities as well. The muscles in the bicep region are divided into two parts, namely, the brachii and brachialis. The muscles visible on the arms when flexed are the brachii, while the muscles that helps in elbow movement are the brachialis. If you too long wished to flaunt full and well-toned biceps, here is a chance to work on your untoned arms. Given here are some exercises for developing your biceps. Go ahead and make them a part of your daily workout routine. Let people admire and envy your well toned arms the next summer. 

Best Workouts For Biceps

Standing Barbell Curls
Standing barbell curl is the basic and direct exercise that allows you to pile weight on your biceps. A barbell utilizes all the muscles of the biceps and forearms to carry the weight on them. This is a must include exercise in case you are willing to have tank arms. Pick up a barbell and stand straight with your feet apart at shoulder width. Allow the barbell to hang loose in front of you keeping your elbows close to your body. Using your bicep strength, bring up the barbell to shoulder level with your forearms. Hold the position for a second till the contraction in the biceps reaches the peak position. Slowly lower the barbell to the initial position.
Standing Dumbbell Curls
Although similar to barbell curl, standing dumbbell curls focus on the maximal intensity on each arm. Grab a pair of dumbbells on your hands and stand straight with your feet at shoulder width distance. Let the dumbbells hang loose at arms length on either side of the body. Make sure to keep your elbows close to the torso during the entire exercise. Curl up the dumbbells and bring them to shoulder level by moving only your forearms and applying the bicep strength. Gradually rotate your hands such that the palms are facing upwards to the top. Hold the position for few seconds till you reach the peak contraction in your biceps. Lower the dumbbells to the start position slowly.
Bicep Preacher Curl
You need to isolate your biceps for performing this exercise. Sit straight on a preacher bench and place the back of your upper arms flat on the pad of the preacher bench. Your palms should be facing up. Using the underhand grip, grab a barbell and lower it till your elbows turn straight and you feel a good stretch in your biceps. Curl back the barbell towards you, using your bicep strength and moving only your forearms. Hold the position for a second and slowly lower the barbell to the starting position.
Pinwheel Curls
Pinwheel curls work on the outer head of the biceps, brachialis and forearms. Hold on a dumbbell in each hand and stand straight with your feet at shoulder width distance. Allow the dumbbells to hang loose at arms length on either side. Pinwheel curls involve curling one arm at a time. Move only your forearms and curl the dumbbell in an arc position, bringing it towards the front of your body to shoulder level. Use only your bicep and forearm strength while performing this exercise. Allow your biceps to feel the contraction. When the contraction reaches the peak position, lower the dumbbell slowly to the initial position and repeat with the other arm.
Bicep Cable Curls
Though this exercise is similar to standing barbell curl, bicep cable curls provide constant tension to the muscles during the entire course of the exercise. From the low pulley cable, attach a straight bar attachment. Using an underhand grip, grab the bar while standing with your feet shoulder width apart. The bar should hang low in front of you at arm length. Using your bicep strength, move your forearms and pull the bar up to your shoulder level. Hold the position for a second allowing peak contraction in your biceps. Lower the bar slowly to the start position.

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