This article seeks to acquaint you with the stroke symptoms for both men and women. Just paying attention to these may help you avert your stroke and help others in need.

Stroke Symptoms

The World Health Organization, in the year 2002, estimated that over twelve percent of all worldwide deaths arose as a result of heart attack or stroke. In developed countries, it is the leading cause of death. In developing countries, it comes third in fatality following AIDS and respiratory infections. Almost 50% of these deaths occur because the symptoms go undetected. Or even if detected the patient and people around do not recognize them as stroke symptoms. Thanks to the film industry across the globe, most people think that a heart attack is always preceded by a severe pain in the left side of the chest. This, however, is a myth. A heart attack can have so many symptoms. Moreover, the symptoms for men and women are distinctly separate. An awareness of these innumerable symptoms can help save a lot of lives. And mind it, chest pain is just one of these symptoms. 

Signs And Symptoms Of Stroke 

Symptoms Of A Stroke In Men 

A stroke is often preceded by a crippling headache, which may arise for no obvious reason. It is a very severe headache and may arise from anywhere from the skull. It can also have the characteristics of a migraine headache. 

Inability To Understand And Speak
If a perfectly coherent person is suddenly found stammering and stuttering then it is another indication of a stoke offset. At times the mouth may drool and get twisted. This kind of symptom often leads to a paralysis attack combined with a stroke. 

Vision Problems
Strokes are frequently accompanied by impaired vision. The subject may suddenly have blurred visions or even double visions. If you experience any difficulty in seeing from either of the eyes then it may be a sign of stroke. 

Numbness In Various Body Parts
This is a definite sign of a stroke. If you feel a sudden numbness of the face or limbs for no apparent reason then it is time to contact a doctor. This may prolong for 2-3 days with a low intensity and may even strike with acute intensity and cause the subject to faint or fall suddenly. 

Improper Motor Control
A stroke may also be accompanied with a complete loss of coordination and the subject may find it difficult to walk and do other activities that require hand-eye coordination. If the subject seems a little off-balance then it is the right time to call a doctor. 

Symptoms Of A Stroke In Women:
While the above symptoms hold good for women in general, there are some specific other symptoms which indicate the offset of a stroke in women. 

Extreme Fatigue Or Breathlessness
These are all definite and most ignored give-aways of stroke in women. Most of the time, women consider these symptoms as general fatigue but sudden and un-apparent outbreak of these must not be taken easily. This is often accompanied by extreme pain in the body. 

Pain In Face 
A sudden and uncalled for pain in the lower jaw is also an indicator of a stroke offset.
Sudden and prolonged nausea must be a cause of worry and hence shouldn’t be taken lightly.
Sudden seizures while common to epileptic people ; in non-epileptic people (especially, women) they mean a stroke.
Indigestion And Acidity 
Indigestion and acidity for a prolonged period despite dietary control is also a common indicator of stroke. 

Other Common Symptoms:
Some other common symptoms, which may accompany the other stroke symptoms, are as:

  • Violent hiccups which are sudden and do not go away despite efforts.
  • Cold sweat generally accompanied by numbness and restlessness.
  • Sleep disorders or more appropriately lack of sleep or sudden and undesired change in sleep patterns. 

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