For all those women who want to flaunt their well-toned biceps, here is a bunch of bicep workout exercises. Read on to explore the exercises and flaunt a better you!

Bicep Exercises For Women

For those who thought that boasting well-toned arms is a man’s domain, here is a surprise. Believe it or not, women too require well toned arms for looking astute and fit. After all, who would want bulging fats to stream out while wearing a tight sleeved, cap sleeved, short sleeved or no sleeved dress? Well developed arms forward a nice, robust overall appearance. In case you too aspire to have well toned arms, performing bicep exercises is all that you need to shape and tone your muscles. However, apart from that it is important to focus on your diet as well. The meal should ideally consist of less carbohydrates, more proteins and less fats. Moreover, drinking plenty of water as well as green tea is also recommended. In the following lines, we have provided a list of bicep exercises for women to choose from.
Bicep Workouts For Women
Barbell Curls
The barbell curl exercise should form the core of your bicep workout routine. Besides allowing you to go heavy, the exercise is easy to perform if you follow the correct technique. You require a barbell to perform this exercise. First of all, stand straight and lift the barbell with an under-hand grip. The barbell should be lifted just above your pectoral muscles. Remain in this position for a few seconds and then lower the weight down slowly. It should be strictly noted that your elbows do not move during the exercise and stay tightly locked by your side. Keep repeating the exercise for at least 6-10 times and then take a break.  
Alternate Dumbbell Curl
The alternate dumbbell curl exercise allows you to focus on one particular arm at a time, providing rest to the other arm. The exercise allows you to handle more weight, thereby perfecting the bicep workout technique far more efficiently. You require two dumbbells to perform this exercise. First of all, firmly grasp a dumbbell in each hand and adjust your body stance as per your comfort level by bending your knees slightly. Now, lower your arms, until they are fully extended on your outer thighs. Curl one dumbbell in the upward direction, until your forearm touches your biceps. When you lower down the first dumbbell, curl the other dumbbell in the same way. Keep repeating the step by alternating the dumbbells. Remember, while doing this exercise, your elbows should be tucked tightly by your side.   
Cable Curls
This exercise is advantageous, since it is allows loading heavy weights with the help of cable. To perform this exercise, first set up the cable machine by attaching a bar to the pulley cable. Choose an appropriate weight for yourself. Adjust the cable position in a way to firmly grasp it with your arms stretched out. Stand on the ground with your feet shoulder width apart, keeping your back straight. Face the cable machine and pull in your abdominal muscles. Now, grab the cable bar with both hands in a way that your palms face you. Even your hands should be shoulder width apart from each other. Now, curl the bar up towards the chest, until your biceps are in a fully contracted position. Remain in this position for a few seconds. Slowly breathe in when you allow your arms to return back to the original position. It is advisable not to pause at the end of the exercise, but go for a repeat in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.
This is a basic form of exercise if you wish to build up your bicep muscles. To perform this exercise, first lie down on the ground facing your chest. Your feet should be placed together and your hands should be at shoulder level, with the palms lying flat on the floor. The chin should be the only part of your face that should come in contact with the floor. Now, straighten your arms and push your body off the floor. Try to keep your body straight and do not bend or arch either your upper or lower back while you push up. Now, lower your body slowly down on the floor. Keep your body straight and feet together but your knees off the floor. Pause for a moment and prepare for a second push-up.

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