If you’ve got periods during your marriage and thinking about how to deal with it, read the article to solve your problem.

Periods During Your Wedding

Unexpected periods can be bothersome, especially when it’s time to ring your wedding bells. Anyways, now when you’re already undergoing the periods, it’s better not to panic and simply make some extra arrangements. Since your wedding is the most special occasion of your life, you must look good and cheerful despite the pain and inconvenience. Here’re given some suggestions to have a glorious wedding regardless of your periods. 
  • If you’re anticipating your periods some time close to your wedding, in such a case, a delaying pill is the easiest way out. However, the pill may have side-effects, so it’s better to consult a gynecologist before popping.
  • On your wedding day as you’ve to appear smiling and cheerful, it’s recommended to take extra precautions. Before moving out of the house, taking a pain killer is not a good idea as it can cause acidity and other problems. It’s better to use natural ways to relieve the cramps.
  • Ensure that the pad you have taken is suitable for heavy flow. Even if you don’t receive heavy flow, the pad will last throughout the ceremony.
  • Besides, wear a slip or any layer of clothing inside your wedding dress to steer clear of stains on your expensive dress. And yes, don’t keep turning around to check for stains instead ask a friend to do that for you.
  • Choose a comfortable sofa rather than the conventional King-Queen chairs because standing for the whole reception could be difficult and can also aggravate the abdominal pain.
  • If you’re expected to have sex on your first night, then don’t worry and deal the situation with patience. It is safe to have sex during periods; the only caution you must take is to use condoms. 
  • While packing your trousseau, make sure to pack some packets of sanitary napkins. As you never know whether your favorite brand would be available elsewhere or not, so it’s preferable to have enough of pads.
  • Also, you must take some disposable panties so that you can throw out, in case of staining.
  • It’s better to delay honeymoon in such cases. If you cannot, then avoid beach destinations because many girls find it uncomfortable to swim during periods.

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