Establishing bed time routines and following them religiously is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Read the article for tips on how to establish a bedtime routine.

How To Establish A Bedtime Routine

A consistent bedtime routine is extremely important for a person. Established routines keep you feeling fresh and enhance your productivity. A fixed bed time routine is all the more important, because proper sleep rejuvenates our body and charges our batteries for the next day. You can also manage your time better for other activities, if your bed time routine is not fiddled with, every other day. Read the article for some very helpful tips on how to establish a bed time routine, so that you maintain a healthy and competent lifestyle for yourself as well as your family members.
Establishing Bed Time Routines
Determine How Much Sleep Is Needed
The most important factor in setting up a practical bed time routine is rightly determining how much sleep you need. You need to figure out how many hours of sleep will be sufficient for you. Six to eight hours is a safe bet in any case. However, sleep requirement varies from person to person as well. Those who do excess physical and mental labor require more sleep than those who have a humble day routine. Younger kids need 10-11 hours of sleep, as they are on their toes throughout the day.
Calm Down After Dinner
Fixing a bed time routine won't help much if you fail to feel sleepy at your set time. It is important to calm down your body once you've had dinner. Take a light stroll after dinner and don’t do heavy labor or you'll start feeling active after dinner, instead of feeling drowsy. Body activity should be turned down by the night, so that you can stick to your bed time routine. The overactive souls don’t sleep till late, even after hitting the bed at the right time.
Take A Warm Bath Before Sleeping
It has been medically advised that taking a warm bath before you hit the bed helps you quietly slip into a deep slumber. If you are not among those lucky ones who drop dead the moment they crash on the bed, try a nice warm bath before you lie down to sleep. Bathing in warm water helps your body relax and de-stress, which accentuates the sleepy feeling. This will help you to follow your routine better. Sleeping on time facilitates getting up on time as well.
Stick To Your Routine
Sticking to your routine under every circumstance is the key to maintaining a routine. You may be tempted to sleep late, if you have an exam the next day or did some extra work from office or attended a night party. You may alter your routine once in a while, but remember that discipline in life is a must to follow a time-table. Manage you time in a way that you don’t have to keep awake late at night for any reason. Constantly remind yourself that you have to follow a fixed bed time routine.
  • Many people blame a lack of sound sleep for their failure to stick to a fixed bedtime routine. Tiring yourself enough in the day is a good option for undisturbed sleep.

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