Candida diet is the name of the diet taken to cure the overgrowth of candida in the body. Check out the list of the food items that are included and excluded in Candida diet.

Candida Diet

Candida is the name given to a group of yeast-like microorganisms that live in the human body. They are toxic and are mainly found residing in the mouth, throat, intestines and genital/urinary tract of an individual. Around 70-80% of the people have Candida in their body, without any adverse effects resulting from them. However, it is when the microorganisms start over-breeding (uncontrolled multiplication) that problem starts occurring. The symptoms that result from the excessive multiplication of the yeast cells in the human body have been given the name of Candidiasis, or just Candida.
Candida Diet
Candida diet is aimed at purging the body of the excessive growth of candida. The diet will involve the following steps.
  • Detoxification - First of all, the body is cleansed of all the toxic byproducts of Candida.
  • Yeast Reduction - The next step will concentrate on bringing the yeast cells back into balance.
  • Immunization - The third step will involve immunizing you against the overgrowth, with the help of Probiotics.
  • Lifestyle Change - This is a life-long step, in which you bring about a lifestyle change and moderate the food items that boost the growth of Candida.
Candida Diet Food List
Foods to be Avoided 
  • Cheese cream
  • Chocolate
  • Cows milk
  • Cured and smoked products (bacon, meats, kippers, etc)
  • Fermented products (vinegar, pickles, chutney, soy sauce, alcohol, etc)
  • Flavored foods
  • Foods with citric acid
  • Fruits (whether fresh or dried, or in the form of juice)
  • Malted products
  • Mushrooms
  • Peanuts and peanut products
  • Prepared breakfast cereals (except shredded wheat)
  • Refined grains
  • Sugar of all types (brown, white, syrup, molasses, honey, fructose, lactose, maltose, dextrose, etc)
  • White flour products (white bread, cakes, biscuit, pasta, corn-flour, etc)
  • Yeast products (bread, pizza, buns, marmite, Oxo, Bovril, Bisto, gravy mix, etc)
Foods to be Eaten 
  • Brown flour products (brown bread, etc)
  • Brown rice
  • Butter, cottage cheese and yoghurt
  • Cold pressed oils
  • Eggs
  • Fresh nuts and seeds
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Garlic
  • Herbal teas
  • Herbs and mild spices
  • Lentils, peas and beans
  • Oats
  • Onions
  • Rice cakes and oat cakes
  • Soya milks
  • Unprocessed fish
  • Unprocessed meat
  • Vegetable juice (except carrot juice)

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