Jojoba Oil is safe, natural oil that has got various uses. Read more to know about the health benefits of Jojoba Oil.

Jojoba Oil

Till now, you have seen vials of Jojoba oil at health food stores and you didn’t know what it actually is or what it is used for, but now onwards you’ll go to purchase it. Jojoba Oil is essentially a liquid content extracted from the seed of Jojoba plant, found in Arizona, California and Mexico. This colorless, odorless oil is a miraculous beauty product. Moreover, it is inexpensive and can be easily availed from health food stores or local grocery stores. Jojoba oil is just right to use anywhere, from head to toe. It is absolutely natural and boasts of multifarious uses and health benefits.
Uses of Jojoba Oil
  • It can be used as an eye makeup remover. Moreover, it conditions your eyelid and makes your lashes lush.
  • It can be used as cleansing oil. It skillfully removes all make-up you have put on, it works perfectly to leave you with smooth and supple skin.
  • It also works as a moisturizer. Just mix few drops of jojoba oil in your moisturizer and apply it over your face for best results.
  • It can become your lip conditioner too. Be it dry or chapped lips, applying small amount of oil works brilliantly for lips.
  • It also moisturizes cuticles, so it is also cuticle oil. Regular application of oil into cuticles helps to keep them soft.
  • It acts as a hair conditioner and serum too. Just mix a few oil drops into your conditioner and rinse out. It can also be applied directly to the scalp for making your hair shiny and healthy.
  • It works as body oil too. A massage with jojoba oil helps to make your skin healthy and glowing.
Health Benefits of Jojoba Oil
  • Due to antimicrobial properties, it helps to encourage healing of the skin. It truly prevents the growth of some bacterial and fungal microbes, attacking the skin.
  • Since it is very much like skin’s natural sebum, it gets easily absorbed by the skin. 
  • Its wax esters act as a natural moisturizer and actually help to keep skin young for years.
  • It makes a balance of moisturizer in the skin, not making it either oil or very dry.
  • By reducing sebum production and protecting the skin from bacteria, Jojoba oil can also treat problem of acne.
  • Since it contains nutrients, like vitamin E, B complex vitamins and the minerals silicon, chromium, copper and zinc, it can be used to help healing canker sores, cold sores, athlete’s foot, and warts.

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