As we all know, Vitamin C is really good for health, however, overdose could be a little problematic. Check out more about side effects of Vitamin C overdose.

Vitamin C Overdose

Excess of everything is bad. Truly said, and even the most beneficial things could be harmful if taken in excessive quantities. Perhaps everyone knows about the anti-oxidant properties of Vitamin C, but in hoard get extra benefits, people tend to overdose this vitamin. And then, whether it’s Vitamin C or any other, overdose is not recommended at all. Though nothing much has been confirmed as regards overdose of Vitamin C, there could be visible symptoms, side-effects in some cases.
Vitamin C Requirements
Depending upon the BMI and a few other factors, a person must identify his/her required dose of the vitamin. For quick recovery from illness and when working under stressful conditions, higher levels of Vitamin C are suggested. Since Vitamin C is a water-soluble protein, whatever you consume in excess, gets excreted through urine. If 200-500mg of Vitamin C is consumed per day by an adult, it reaches the point of full saturation, or in other words, it is more than enough.
Symptoms & Side-effects
Consuming this vitamin more than recommended limits, it may cause stomach ache, gas, and diarrhea. Although the body would use as much as it requires, the overdose would specifically hinder the body’s metabolic activities. Lower abdominal cramps, sleep disturbances, fatigue, nausea, increased urination, flushed face, headache, and an improved risk of developing kidney stones, could be some of its other side-effects.
Seeing that Vitamin C enhances iron absorption, overdose of this vitamin can actually affect people suffering from iron-overload diseases. People having kidney stones should take medical advice on their consumption of Vitamin C. Any pregnant lady must also take recommended dose; otherwise overdose of this vitamin can later develop scurvy in child. Hemochromatosis patients must strictly avoid Vitamin C because of enhanced accrual of non-heme iron in the company of this vitamin.

Diarrhea is the most common effect of Vitamin C overdose. However, this effect doesn’t harm any person, and reduction in dose proves to be an effective treatment. Vitamin C overdose, besides recommended dose, happens rarely except for the people with predisposing conditions because ascorbic acid is essentially non-toxic.

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