Relaxation exercises should make an essential part of anyone’s hectic schedule. Check out the relaxation techniques for stress & anxiety.

Relaxation Techniques

Stress has become a part of modern lifestyle where you have to meet deadlines every minute. Continuous pressure and strain can turn into serious problems if not treated at time. Though you cannot leave the work, you can lighten up yourself by doing some easy relaxation exercises. Whenever you feel anxious, stressed, or find difficulty in sleeping, practice some relaxation techniques that would actually help to unwind your mind and body. One must carry out at least one or more than one exercise every day. Such exercises are intended to wind down and carry away your mind from the instant thoughts. To do relaxation exercises, find some quiet place and sit or lie in a comfortable position. Here are given some relaxation techniques for stress and anxiety.
Counting Backwards
This is a great exercise to relax your nerves. Follow the points given below to get rid off stress at once.
  • Close your eyes; breathe in slowly while deeply filling your lungs.  
  • Once your in-breath ends breathe out slowly. At the end of your out-breath, speak the target number you’ve decided (say 30 or any other as per the time you’ve).
  • The moment your breath runs out, you will naturally breathe in again, without forcing yourself. Let this process to happen and repeat the in-breath, followed by the out-breath and subsequently the next number down the line.
  • Repeat the process until you reach zero. If you wish, you can repeat the whole process another time, beginning from your target number. 
Tensing Your Toes
To do this exercise, lie on your back and close your eyes. Feel comfortable and practice the following steps.
  • Concentrate on your toes.
  • Bend your toes upwards i.e. towards your face and count slowly up to 10.
  • Bring them to their original position and let them relax.
  • Again count slowly up to 10.
  • Repeat the aforesaid steps, about 8-10 times.
Guided Imagery
Decide the time you’ve to devote to this exercise, probably 5-10 minutes at first or quite longer if you feel like. The moment you’re in the comfortable position, carry out these points. 
  • Close your eyes. Visualize yourself in a place that you feel enjoyable; it could be any picturesque location or you enjoying with your friends. 
  • No matter what situation you choose, it must not have any connection with the present activities or stresses. 
  • Feel as if you’re doing something relaxing and pleasurable. You must be completely encircled by the thought of a relaxing world.
  • Once you are in that enjoying world, try to imagine as much details as you can. Like, the sounds you hear, the sensations you experience, etc.
  • After the decided time period for the session, open your eyes and start again your regular activities.

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