Nasal congestion prevents the nose from doing its most vital function – breathing. Explore the article given below to know more on how to get rid of nasal congestion.

How To Get Rid Of Nasal Congestion

People with nasal congestion pose the same characteristics – a red runny nose, glazy eyes, tissues in hand, a stuffy nose and the mouth open, to take in the air. When they speak, it sounds like someone is clasping their nose shut. Everyone experiences nasal congestion, perhaps, many times a year, so no one takes it seriously. This is fine as long as it is in the moderate level. However, sometimes, nasal congestion can be quite strong which may require tough measures to regain the functionality of the nose. For, nasal congestion not only makes breathing difficult, it is also accompanied by many other irritations, which if left like that, can destroy your peace of mind. What many people don’t realize is that the fountain of mucus is not the only problem. The main focus of the remedies should be to attack the bacteria and viruses that target the mucus membrane. The main cause of nasal congestion is that the mucosal membranes in the nose get inflamed due to germs and allergens. As a result, the air passage gets blocked and this causes congestion. However, nasal congestion is very easy to treat and the remedies suggested below even provide excellent relief. Go through the article given below to know more on the natural cure for nasal congestion.
Natural Cure For Nasal Congestion
This is based on Chinese acupressure. The entire cycle should be done three times.
  • Press the cavity at the corner of the nostrils with your fingers. Press in such a way that you close and open the nostrils. Apply pressure on the nostrils, 10 times.
  • Now press the corner of the eyes near the nose 10 times.
  • Press the cavity below the ear behind the earlobe. This must also be done 10 times.
  • Now massage the earlobes 10 times.
  • All the pressures should be applied in round movements.
After doing this there is an immediate relief to the nasal congestion. For the best effect repeat the above procedure after every 10 minutes.
Things Required
  • 1 tea pot of water
  • 1-2 drops of eucalyptus or fennel or pine essential oils
  • 1 towel
  • 1 large bowl
  • Boil one teapot of water and take it in a large bowl.
  • Add two drops of eucalyptus, fennel, or pine essential oil.
  • Now place a towel over the head and breathe in the steam from the water.
  • Do this for 15 minutes, every four hours.
  • Inhale deeply so that the steam gets through the sinuses. The steam slows down the production of sinuses.
Drink Lots Of Fruit Juice
  • Fruit juices are very good in eliminating the germs that cause congestion.
  • Fruit juices boost the immune system as they are rich in vitamin C and so it helps fight against colds, flu and other respiratory diseases.
  • They clear the body of germs and toxins.
Sweat It Out
  • Exercise is very effective in giving relief from cold and flu by influencing the secretion of sweat.
  • Exercise also strengthens the immune system.
  • It also clears the sinuses.
  • Sweating clears the body of toxins.
  • Inhalers are the best when it comes for quick relief from nasal congestion.
  • It is very effective in clearing the sinuses, which makes breathing easy.
  • It must be remembered that inhalers only provide relief from the symptoms and do not treat the cold or flu. So, it is better to use them along with an expectorant.
Warm Hot Soup And Fairly Spicy Food
  • Soup clears the sinuses and also helps in eliminating the germs and toxins.
  • Warm soup also influences the discharge of stuck mucus and cleanses the respiratory and digestive systems.
  • Spicy food, on the other hand, induces sweating. 
Have Enough Sleep
  • Good sleep is essential for the treatment of any diseases.
  • During sleep, the body can focus on eliminating the toxins and microbes. So, sleep is very necessary for quick relief. 
  • Expectorant lowers the viscosity of mucus, which makes elimination easy.
  • It increases the discharge of mucus.
  • This must be used in combination with other means of relief. 
Vitamin Supplements
  • Take supplements of vitamin A, B complex, and C.
  • They work together to stop cold and flu.
  • Vitamin A provides relief against the swelling of the mucus membrane.
  • Vitamin C boosts the immune system and attacks the cold virus.
  • Vitamin B complex also strengthens the body’s defense mechanism and promotes cell regeneration.

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