Getting rid of a Nasal voice is not difficult, once the real cause behind it has been diagnosed. Explore the article to find some credible suggestions to get rid of nasal voice.

How To Get Rid Of A Nasal Voice

A nasal quality of your voice might be causing you enough embarrassment and you frantically want to get rid of it. You will have to decipher the actual reasons behind your nasal voice and go for the right treatment to sort out the problem. Tension in the muscles at the back of your tongue is the major reason behind a nasal tone and this tension may be created due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes, genetic variations also account for a voice which seems to be coming from the nose. Find out some tips on how to get rid of a nasal voice.
Getting Rid Of Nasal Voice
Relieve The Cold
Your nasal voice may be due to cold, sinusitis and influenza. Cold blocks a clear passage of air through the nose making your voice sound as if you are speaking through the nose. In this case, you need to expel sputum, like phlegm or mucus, to get back to your normal speaking pattern. You can try various ways to get rid of the cold including blowing your nose, taking a decongestant, or drinking a glass of hot lemonade (that is, when your throat is not sore).
Seek Professional Help
If your voice quality is nasal and it has continued to be so for years, there are chances that it is due to some physical deformity or medical condition and you need to get it diagnosed by a doctor. Deformities like cleft palate, cleft lip, or VP inadequacy are known to account for a nasal voice and they can be easily treated by some minor surgeries. Get in touch with a doctor who specializes in eye-ear-nose-throat (EENT) procedures to correct deformities and avail the right treatment for diseases.
Breathe Properly
Improper breathing may also be responsible for a poor tonal quality of your voice. If you inhale little air when you speak, you voice tone will seem to be very exhausted and hushed up. Conversely, if you inhale and hold in too much air as you speak, your nasal passages are expanded which leads to a greater resonance of sound through the space.   
Keep Your Postures Right
Proper postures contribute a lot to the tonal quality and helps in keeping your speech patterns normal. Those who stoop or slouch don’t have a block-free air passage as they put a lot of pressure on their speech organs. Some tips for maintaining a correct posture are:
  • Keep your back straight as much as possible. When you slouch or droop, your lungs are not allowed to expand properly. Maintain a natural position by keeping your ribcage open.  
  • One reason for your nasal voice may be that you bow or tilt your head as you talk. Keep your head straight when you talk to so that your windpipe gets enough room to inhale air.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed to avoid putting pressure on your spine and ribcage as it constrains your windpipe and makes your voice sound nasal.

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