Healing a hoarse voice can be easily extremely effortless, especially if you follow the home remedies and cures given below. To know how to heal a hoarse voice, read on.

How To Heal Hoarse Voice

Voice is a precious gift that has been endowed on mankind, by the Almighty. A sweet voice is liked by one and all, filling the environment with vibrancy. However, a hoarse voice is something that snatches away the charm from your personality. It can be the result a medical condition or a consequence of excessive stress and exertion. There are a number of reasons as well, which can be considered responsible for hoarse voice, such as cold, viral or bacterial infection, allergy, acid reflux, smoking or vocal abuse. All these conditions can be taken care of by an ENT doctor. Nevertheless, it is important to know that healing hoarse voice depends a lot on the sufferer as well. Some necessary precautions are to be taken, along with medicines, to keep the situation under check. To know how to heal hoarse voice, make use of the home remedies given below.
Cures for Healing Hoarse Voice 
  • If your voice has become hoarse due to cold or infection, avoid talking or singing. This can be a major setback for avid talkers, but you need to realize that your vocal chords also require rest. When you would not be talking, your vocal chords would get the opportunity to heal and the hoarseness would disappear. 
  • In case there is a crisis and you need to speak, make sure that you speak in your natural pitch range, without laying much stress on the chords.
  • It is best advised to drink plenty of water throughout the day, even if you don’t feel like it. This would help in keeping the vocal chords moist, thereby hastening the healing process.
  • In case you are in an unavoidable situation and need to speak for long hours, drink plain water. If possible, go for lukewarm water. This would help in curing the huskiness of your voice.
  • Caffeine and alcohol should be strictly avoided, when you are suffering from the problem of husky voice. Both caffeine and alcohol dry up your throat and increase the hoarseness.
  • If you are suffering from acid reflux, take low acid diet and keep your neck a little elevated, while lying down during night.
  • Smoke and dust augment the problem of hoarse voice. So, the best bet would be to avoid places that expose you to the two. Such an environment produces dry air, which irritates the vocal chords and causes further hoarseness.  
  • In winters, the environment becomes extremely dry and parched. For those suffering from husk voice, it is desirable to use a humidifier to keep moisture in the surroundings.
  • Hoarse voice mostly results from cold or allergic symptoms. If you are facing either of the two, it is very important to cure the problem. You can either go for home remedies or take over-the-counter medicines for healing the problem.
  • Nothing can be better than taking adequate amount of rest. Massage your neck, jaws and shoulders and just go off to sleep.
  • Do not indulge in screaming, yelling or extensive laughing. This would pressurize your vocal chords and result in further gruffness. 
  • In case your normal voice does not come back within a couple of weeks and the problem persists, it is best recommended to consult an ENT doctor. The problem can be much bigger than just cold or allergic symptoms.   

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