Grapefruit is a subtropical citrus fruit better known as ‘Hollywood diet fruit’. Read on to know some interesting facts related to grapefruit juice diet.

Grapefruit Juice Diet

Nature is always believed to be the best healer, and you need to choose natural remedies, if you want some long-lasting effects. Your access to some high-end artificial curers may not be limited, but why not take something, which restores the natural balance of your body. The grapefruit can be your answer to this. It is a yellowish-orange fruit with a citrusy center, and is sweet tasting. Grapefruit is also a secret weight-loss agent with high fiber and low carbohydrate content. So, it imparts all the fiber-properties, vitamin C, and doesn’t increase the carbohydrate graph of your body. If consumed in recommended quantities, it shapes your body, and gives that flawless glow to the skin. Due to all these properties, the grapefruit has found a vital place in the diet of celebrities. This diet is an excellent way to lose weight, and it is also very effective in reducing wrinkles from the forehead. So, don’t starve, and don’t shorten your list of yummy foods. This is the best part in following grapefruit juice diet, you don’t have to starve to regain back your curves. You can also follow some interesting ways of taking in grapefruit. You can make grapefruit tea, by simply mixing it with honey, hot water and a cinnamon stick. Be patient, as nobody gets anything in a twinkle. So, don’t rest on your curiosity but read on to know grapefruit juice diet plan.
Grapefruit Juice Diet Plan
  • 8 ounces of sugarless grapefruit juice should be taken per day. You can take your regular meals with the juice. Divide the daily intake of the juice into three equal quantities, and drink the juice after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Grapefruit juice decreases the insulin level in the blood, when taken regularly. As it is rich in fiber content, it leads to a better health condition. Regular intake also reduces the risk of diabetes.
  • When you are taking grapefruit juice diet regularly, you should cut down on your coffee intake. Coffee is said to hinder the metabolic processes of the body. It disrupts the insulin balance when taken along with grapefruit juice. You should neither reduce the recommended grapefruit juice intake nor should you increase the intake. The amount of daily grapefruit juice intake should be consistent throughout the duration of the diet.
  • If you are solely drinking for the weight-loss purpose, then you should cut down on potatoes, white onion, peanut butter, jams, butter, sweet pickles, and sweets. However, you can continue taking red onions, bell peppers, cheese, mayonnaise, vegetables, meat, and nuts.
  • If you are taking any medicines for heart trouble or antidepressants, then you should consult a dietician or a doctor about the time period of the diet and the quantity of the juice. However, nobody should take the juice for a very long period of time while compromising on the food at the same time.
  • Studies shows that with the grapefruit juice diet you can lose around 10-12 pounds in 12-14 days. Always remember that you shouldn’t starve yourself if you are following this diet. Starving leads to malnutrition and the development of various problems in your body.
  • The intake of grapefruit juice triggers the enzymatic action in the body, which leads to the burning of fat. It also retains the lost fluids in the body and balances the pH level.

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