Nail fungus, a common problem amongst people, can be treated with a number of home cures. Given below are some of the sure treatments to help you get rid of fungal nail problem.

Nail Fungus Cures

Nails form an important part of ones personality and reflects the attention paid by him/ her towards personal hygiene. They easily come under the observance of others, especially while shaking hands, dining or even sitting nearby. Having shiny and healthy nails comes under the umbrella of good habits, but sometimes, a really bad fungus can overpower our nails and with it our personality. Fungal nails not only look ugly, but also bring down the confidence level of the person. It, therefore, becomes very important to get rid of the infection at the earliest.
Signs Of Nail Fungus
In many cases, people fail to realize the fact that they are suffering from the problem of nail fungus and continue to ignore it. This is where the knowledge about symptoms of fungal nails comes handy. Read on to explore the main signs and symptoms of nail fungus. 
  • Peeling of nails.
  • Thickening if nails
  • Experiencing pain in toenails while wearing shoes
  • Nails become weak and breakable
  • A bad smell stems from the toenails
  • There is a pain under the skin of nails
  • Nails get a yellow, black, or brown tinge or spots 
Fungal Nail Treatments
The old formula of treating nail fungus with vinegar is regarded as one of the most trusted treatments even today. It helps relieve the itching associated with the problem, by repairing the PH balance that is necessary to combat the fungi.
Medicinal Ointments
Applying ointments like zetaclear and fungisil is yet another cure for nail fungus. These ointments help remove the fungus, by blocking the food sources required by it to grow. This results in clear nails, with no side effects.
Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and fungicide that can help you fight the nail fungus in no time at all. Sprinkle a few drops of tea tree oil on the affected nail everyday and rub it slightly.
Oregano and Olive Oil
The antiseptic, antibacterial, antiparasitical, antiviral, analgesic and antifungal properties present in oregano oil helps curb the fungus to quite an extent. Add apply 2 drops of oregano to 1 teaspoon of olive oil and mix well. Use this combination on your nails daily, for not more than three weeks at a stretch.
The antiseptic present in Listerine can also help eradicate the fungus. Soak the affected nails in Listerine for about 20 minutes, two times in a day.
The mentholatum present in vaporubs stops the fungus from feeding on the nail. Allow the vaporub to soak in the nail for a few minutes, on an everyday basis. However, keep in mind the fact that this remedy can help in stopping the growth of fungus, but will not eradicate it completely.
Rubbing Alcohol
Pour some rubbing alcohol in the tub and soak the affected nail in it for about 20 minutes, twice a day. Do make sure to pat the nail dry with super-absorbent paper towels thereafter.

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