A fungus sinus infection is rather rare to occur and can attack people with a weak immune system or allergic to causative fungus. Explore the article to know its signs & symptoms.

Symptoms Of Fungal Sinus Infection

A fungus sinus infection is one of the rare types of infections that can display a range of varied symptoms. This infection can be caused by fungal infection in the paranasal sinuses behind the eyes, cheeks and/or nasal cavities. People with a fragile immune system or allergic to the causative fungus are more prone to this dangerous infection. Those living in environments with a massive amount of fungus, for instance advanced mold infestation, are also at a high risk of developing fungal sinus infection. To know the symptoms and indicators of this infection, scroll through the article.
Signs Of A Fungal Sinus Infection 
  • One of the primary signs of fungal infection is a chronic nasal congestion, with inflammation in only one side of the nose. Formation of polyps in the sinuses or nose is also possible due to the fungus. 
  • Pain or pressure in and around the area that covers your eyes is a potent symptom of fungus sinus infection. Pain in the forehead or the top of your head is yet another sign. You may also experience intense pain when you bend over or move about your head quickly.
  • Frequent bouts of fever are a strong symptom of the infection. The fever can remain for 5 days and may even resurface after you have recovered from the first bout.
  • Drainage of the nose is an indicator of a sinus infection due to fungi. It can be of any color, including greenish, yellow or bloody. This drainage mostly flows down the back of your throat and you swallow it, rather than discharging it from the nose outlets.
  • The swallowing of drainage from the nose leads to nausea and upset stomach. If both the symptoms combine, it is almost to be seen as a sure shot indicator of a fungal sinus infection.
  • A constant feeling of fatigue is one of common signs of this kind of infection. Fatigue and weariness is experienced even when you are standing. Usually, this symptom grips you gradually and some of the other infections signs will accompany the low levels of energy.
  • If your nasal and sinus passages are blocked, it is to be read as a sign of fungal infection of the nose. However, this may be due to a normal cold as well. Therefore, you need to watch out for accompanying symptoms.
  • Your deteriorating sense of smell and taste, due to your throat and nose being clogged with mucous, is a strong indicator of fungal sinus infection. A bad breath problem may also follow.
  • A bad sinus infection may spread to your ears, resulting in ear pain. This is to be seen as a strong indicator of infection.
  • In case the fungal sinusitis is of invasive nature, it can spread to the eye socket, which will result in a bulging eye and a permanent loss of vision. This infection can also progress to the brain and the central nervous system, if not treated in a proper way.

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