Sinusitis, one of the most common diseases of the sinus tract is best treated at home. Read on to know about herbal remedies for a sinus infection.

Herbal Remedies For Sinus Infection

One moment ago, everything was fine; the next moment you have a splitting headache. You cannot think and all you wish to do is lie down. Your nose is blocked and it feels like your whole face is swollen and each part is throbbing. Welcome to the party called Victims of Sinusitis. The long name beginning from ‘S’ stands for an infection or inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, which could be bacterial, fungal, viral or auto-immune in nature. Many people get confused between a migraine attack and sinusitis infection and it is, admittedly, difficult to distinguish one from the other. Thus it is best to consult a doctor. When it comes to treatment, however, it is best to rely on grandma’s home remedies and herbal methods rather than go for conventional medicine or anti allergens or anti-histamines. Here are some herbal remedies that can be used to treat a sinus infection.    
Home Remedies For Sinus Infection
Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider vinegar has long been used to cure a sinus infection and has proved to be effective most of the times. Experts recommend taking one-fourth cup of apple cider vinegar and add it to 500 ml of water and keep drinking the mixture throughout the day to ease the sinus infection. The effect it has on the nasal cavity is that it immediately makes the mucous thin and eases congestion. After it has eased the blockage, one can treat the bacterial or fungal infection by applying wild oregano oil or grapefruit extract.
After Apple cider vinegar, the other home remedy used for many years and recommended by both doctors as well as good old grandma, is garlic. It is consumed in the form of capsules, juice or dry powder. Since sinusitis could be either a bacterial or a fungal infection, garlic is very effective as it has both anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal properties. One common method is to chop about four cloves of garlic and add it to steaming water. Then, inhale this steam about two or three times in a day
The root of this herb helps reduce inflammation and boosts the immune system to fight against the bacterial infection. However, there are two types of licorice products, one that is used to cure ulcers and the capsule type that boost the immune system. Those wanting to get rid of a sinus infection should get the capsules.
This fragrant herb, which is used repeatedly to ease sore throats, can be used for curing a sinus attack too. It has antiseptic properties and aides in shrinking swollen tissues such as swollen sinus passages. There are various methods in which it can be taken – it is available to us in lozenges, in the form of concentrated oils, as tea mixtures and also the leaves. These leaves can be steeped in boiling water and the vapours inhaled to ease the blockage.
We all know that it helps to boost the immune system but few know that it also helps destroy some viruses of the respiratory system. It needs to be taken in capsule form, increasing the dosage at the onset of the infection and decreasing it as the infection subsides. Be sure to consult your doctor before you take it and do not have it if you are allergic to ragseed.
As peppermint is anti inflammatory in nature, it helps to calm the mucous membranes. One could either get it in the form of lozenges or take in the form of peppermint tea. Also, one could steep the peppermint in boiling water and inhale its vapours. Its scent will ease breathing. 

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