Sinus infections can be brought under control with many remedies that you find at home. If you are looking for natural sinus relief, your search ends here.

Natural Sinus Relief

Throbbing headache, runny and drippy nose, facial pressure, fatigue, and coughing like an old truck! Hail in the hell of sinusitis! Sinusitis is one of the most chronic illnesses around the world. It is a condition in which the sinus cavities around the eyes and nose get infected and thus produce pain, pressure, and the drippings of the mucus. Sinus infection or sinusitis is one such thing that causes a complete breakdown of the system if not taken care of properly. Sinusitis can lead to inflammation of sinuses and nasal passages caused by the airflow interference and mucous drainage. Any small infection from common cold to allergy can invite the nosing around sinusitis to attack you. Although, there are not many medications that prove helpful for completely curing this condition, but there are ways by which you can get relief from sinusitis. Given here are some simple ways which help you get some relief from sinusitis and will let you breathe easily.
Home Remedies For Sinusitis
Human beings have a tendency to gulp down quite a lot of medicines at the smallest sign of any disease, not knowing that too much of anything can harm you as well. It is always better to control sinusitis through food and it will be the best way as well. When you can get the relief naturally, why should one go for pharmaceutical medicines? Foods that help sinusitis are given below: 

Garlic And Onion
Use generous amount of garlic and onion in your daily meals. You can even chew down some garlic and onion every day, starting with small amounts you can increase it in the long run. 

During acute stage of sinusitis, a tea prepared from fenugreek can shorten the illness period. The tea can be made by boiling 1-teaspoon fenugreek in 250ml water till it is reduced to half. The fenugreek helps the body to perspire and helps oust the toxins from the body. You can take up to four cups daily and you should reduce the number of cups once the illness starts getting cured. 

This yummy fruit helps breaking down mucus and fights sinusitis. 

If the season is ripe for mangoes, take this as an excuse to have mangoes. The vitamin  A in mangoes helps formation of epithelium that prevents diseases like sinusitis from attacking. 

Vitamin C Rich Diet
A healthy diet that comprises of vitamin A and vitamin C can help prevent sinusitis. Add lot of green leafy vegetables, curd, egg, pumpkins, and carrots in your diet if you want to reduce the risk of sinusitis. 

Eat Spicy Food
At times hot and spicy food can open up your sinuses. In case your sinus is draining into your throat, drink a cup of steaming limewater with honey with a pinch of cayenne pepper powder. This not only soothes your throat but opens up the sinuses as well. 

Omega -3 Fatty Acid Rich Food
Allergy is one common thing that causes sinusitis and omega-3 essential fatty acids help prevent inflammation. Walnuts, flax seed oil, eggs, and cold-water fishes are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids. 

Apple Cider Vinegar
Not many know this property of the apple cider vinegar to cure sinusitis. It helps in thinning mucous. You can have 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 8 oz of water at one time and you can repeat the same at least thrice a day until you get some relief for your sinus. 

Instant Remedies For Sinusitis 

Steam Inhalation
You can do it either with a vaporizer that you have at your home or can even do it yourself by boiling some water in a vessel and inhaling the vapors. You can even try inhaling the vapor while taking a warm bath. 

Nasal Irrigation
Nasal irrigation is a good technique that can be applied to help open your sinus. Nasal irrigation can be done with saline water made of non-iodized salt. Combine three parts of salt and one part baking soda, and add ½ teaspoon of this mixture to ½ cup of warm water in the neti-pot. Once the saline solution is ready tilt your head backwards and put the spout of the pot in the left nostril allowing some liquid to enter the nostril. Allow the water to flow through the right nostril by tilting your head to the right. This process clears your nostrils and will help you breathe properly.

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