Swollen toe is quite painful for anyone and might be caused due to various overlooked reasons. Explore this article to find what causes swollen toes.

Swollen Toes Causes

The lower part of the body, especially legs, are surely the god’s best gift to any individual, as it helps in the movement of the entire body. However, most of the times, any problem in toes, ankles and feet is overlooked, until it stands waving at its worst stage. Swelling of toes is one such problem that might not be paid as much attention it deserves, until it starts affecting the movement. This is akin to knocking at the door of problems, inviting them in. Rather than treating the problem, it is better to avoid it in the first place, for which you have to be aware of the various causes behind the same. This is where we come to your aid. Read this article to find the various causes of swollen toes.
What Causes Swollen Toe
Lymphedema is a disease that leads to localized fluid retention in various parts of the body, along with swelling of tissues that is caused by a compromised lymphatic system. The disease occurs after surgery, treatment of cancer or after taking radiation therapy.
Various kinds of infection, such as bacterial, fungal, blood and skin infections like atopic dermatitis cab, can lead to swelled-up and itchy toes.
Cellulitis is, in actual, the inflammation of connective tissues, with severe inflammation of dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. The disease is caused by many different conditions, like fever and injury, and leads to soreness, redness, swelling, blisters and even scabs in the affected area.
Blunt Trauma
The condition often refers to the physical trauma of a body part, like hurting the toe by banging it into a hard surface, like a wall, which leads to swelling. Throbbing pain in the limbs also accompanies the swollen toes. Ice bath can reduce the swelling and is the simplest cure for the problem.
Tight Footwear
Tight footwear leads to the swelling of toes, as it adversely affects flow of blood in that part of the body. If you are experiencing pain in the toes after wearing certain footwear, stop wearing it with immediate effect.
Venous Insufficiency
It is a serious condition, in which the valves in the leg veins are unable to pump blood to the heart. This results in gathering of blood in the defective veins. It leads to swollen ankles and feet, with pain and cramping in legs.
Allergic Reaction
Certain medications and insect bites can also trigger allergic reaction in the body and affect the sensitive body parts, like lips, toes and fingers. The immune system, in this case, responds to false alarms and releases inflammatory chemicals that act on the tissues of the body.
Thorn Or Splinter
A thorn or splinter in the toe can also lead to swelling and pain. Carefully check the palm of the ankle or toe to get rid of the pain caused by the same.
Infected Cut
A cut on the toe, due to some injury, can also lead to swelling and pain. Check with the doctor for the same and get yourself vaccinated. The swelling will reduce when the injury is healed with the help of medicines.

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