Whatever be the reason behind your swollen fingers, there are a number of ways through which you can get rid of the swelling. Go through this article and know how to reduce swollen fingers naturally.

How To Reduce Swollen Fingers

One of the main causes of swollen fingers comprises of Edema, a condition characterized by abnormal accumulation of fluid beneath the skin. Swollen fingers due to edema can be caused by a variety factors, including allergies, pregnancy, and kidney problems. People suffering form heart problems and blood pressure are also prone to this problem. It is possible to reduce the swollen fingers that result from edema by introducing some changes in your diet and taking a few precautions. The article lists down some of the best ways to treat the particular problem. Read on and explore tips on how to reduce swollen fingers.
Ways To Reduce Swollen Fingers Naturally
Take A Proper Diet
Deficiencies in your diet can cause swollen fingers. It can also be caused by inadequate protein intake and absorption. For those who suffer from this problem, it is advisable to take a high fiber and protein rich diet.  Supplement your diet with alfalfa, dandelion root and parsley. These can be taken in capsules, as tea or in the form of tincture.
Limit The Intake Of Salty Food
Excess of salt in your body can also cause the problem of swollen fingers. In such a case, there is a need to limit the intake of salt in your body. Even doctors recommend limiting the consumption of salts to people who are suffering from edema, caused swelling in the fingers. So, it is better if you stick to a low-salt diet. Even pickled foods are to be avoided.
Avoid Alcohol & Caffeine
People suffering from swollen fingers should strictly keep away from alcohol and caffeine consumption, as the swelling can be aggravated because of it. As it is, alcohol is harmful for health, for it can cause many ailments. However, for someone suffering from swollen fingers, it can have fatal consequences. Even caffeine, whether in the form of coffee or aerated drinks, is not good and should be avoided as far as possible.
Drink Lots Of Water
When suffering from swollen fingers, one should consume plenty of water and keep the body hydrated. This will help remove the excess salts from the body, which cause swelling in fingers, and help treat the problem. At the same time, it will help bring a healthy glow to your skin.
Exercise Regularly
Good health comes with hard work and restraint. Regular exercise helps reduce swelling in the body, as it releases excess salts and pumps up the metabolism as well. Swimming, at least three times a week, is one of the best exercises for someone with swollen fingers. This is because it helps reduce a good amount of sodium, which in turn helps get rid of the swelling. If you cannot swim, do some other forms of exercise.
Some Tips 
  • Get tested for allergies, as they are one of the most common reasons behind fluid retention in the body.
  • A high-potency B-complex supplement can be taken, as it helps reduce water retention in the body.

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