Using herbal treatment for relief from the daily stress in your life is a good idea, as there are hardly any side effects of the same. Read on to know about the best herbs for stress relief.

Herbs For Stress

Your stress can be related to work, family life, or any other random reason. With stress becoming a regular phenomenon in people’s fast-tracked lives, many of them have started looking for a simple herbal remedy to relieve the same. Too much stress can harm your body and since tensions have almost become a part of your life, using natural herbs to counter them is a good idea. This is because you don’t have to bother about the side effects of herbs, as is the case with allopathic medicines. Another good part is that there is a massive range of herbs to help your cause. Want to know more? Read the article to find information on the various herbs for stress.
Best Herbs For Stress Relief
Chamomile helps in relaxation and promotes sleep. It is usually taken in the form of tea. Two teaspoons of dried flowers are to be used per cup of tea. This herb is now being used to prepare several herbal cures in the form of powder and pill as well.
Lemon Balm
Lemon balm is another herb known to bring relief from stress. It is a part of mint family, which is basically found in Southern Europe, where it is also used as tea. The herb is known to reduce mood swings and has a calming effect on the mind. It also works to relieve sleeplessness.
Green Tea
Lately, green tea has become a popular and fashionable drink in the West. It contains a substance called theanine, which is a natural relaxant and mild tranquilizer. In some parts of Asia, green tea has been popularly drunk since decades.
Phellodendron bark extract from cork tree has been used in Chinese medicine since long, as a stress reliever. In fact, it is now being used in several herbal remedies for the same reason. Phellodendron bark is combined with Magnolia officinalis bark, which is known to contain anti-anxiety properties, and is being sold as a modern preparation by the name Relora.  
Rhodiola is a traditional stress relief medicine from Northern Europe, which is also known as goldenroot or roseroot. It has the effect of a sedative and is used for curing depression. Rhodiola is also effective in reducing fatigue and stress.
Kava Kava
In Polynesia, Kava Kava root has been used since centuries for stress relief and relaxation of mind and body. Herbal medicine outlets sell extracts from the herb in liquid or capsule form.
Valerian is also one of the very effective herbs that bring relief from stress and anxiety. It has been prescribed by herbalists since long, for treating conditions like insomnia, as also for its calming properties. An extract of the root is now being used to make some herbal cure for stress. Its effects are not immediate and become visible only after many weeks of use.
Theanine is a substance that is extracted from several herbs and is used in a variety of herbal stress relief and stress reduction products. It is probably the most commonly used and the most effective natural cure for a stressed mind and body.

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