It is important to relieve daily stress and tension with some relaxation exercises to rejuvenate your mind and body. Explore the article to find some easy exercises for relieving stress.

Stress Relief Exercises

While you may always be in want of time to relax, learning how to do so can greatly help in improving the quality of your life by effectively beating the daily stress. Stress relief exercise can sort you out in a big way by releasing immediate tension and preventing stress in the long term as well. Optimum health in the long run doesn’t come easy and it is important to do some daily relaxation exercises to achieve the same goal. Though it is a little difficult to imagine exercises as stress relieving, you can prepare to surprise yourself as you scroll down the article. Read on to find some easy relaxation exercises that will help to relieve your stress and make you feel afresh.
Exercises For Relieving Stress
Legs Across Chair
Get a chair. Lie on the floor on your back and put your legs on across the chair seat, in a sideways position. The chair has to be right up against the bend in your knees. Slow down your breathing as well. Try to breathe slowly in and out of your nose. You can also cover your eyes with a moist warm towel and stay in the same position for several minutes. 10-15 minutes will enable you to enjoy maximum benefits of this exercise. This exercise works very well to provide relief to your lower back.
Bottom Against wall
Lie down on the floor and move your butts up to the base of a wall. Stretch your legs straight up the wall. Make sure that your bottom is the closest possible to the base of the wall, even as the small of your back is flat against the floor. Stretch your arms out on either side or you can just keep them by your sides. Keep your breathing slow or you might as well do some breathing exercises in the same posture. This exercise helps the body to release stress.
Knees Into The Chest
Bend your knees and bring them close to your chest. Use your hands to hold your legs to your chest. This will help to stretch the lower back. In case holding your knees close to your chest is not making you feel relaxed, just keep your knees bent and as close to the chest as possible. Shut your eyes and breathe in through your nose and breathe out from the mouth. Make sure you are breathing slowly while doing this exercise, so that your body is not tensed up.
Blanket Against Back
This is the best technique to relax your body and relieve stress. Move away from the wall slowly. Instead of jumping quickly, just roll over on your side and use your hands to lift yourself up to a sitting position. Then, take a blanket, towel or a cloth and shape it into a log by rolling it. Now, place it on the floor and lie back on the cloth in such a way that it is horizontally straight across your shoulder blades. This is a great exercise for relaxing your shoulders.

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