Stress is the physical and emotional response of the body to the pressures of the outside world. Explore the article given below to learn what to do to relieve stress.

What To Do To Relieve Stress

To combat stress first of all it is necessary to understand what it is and why it occurs. Stress is the physical and emotional response of the body to the pressures of the outside world. That is why with the pressure from the outside world increasing day by day, stress has also now become more persistent. The best way to deal with stress is to relieve it, as the excess buildup will lead to complications like depressions, insomnia, heart disease, and others. It is imperative for the wellbeing of both the body and the mind that you adopt measures through which you can release your stress. However, to relieve stress is easier said than done, as most people do not know how to vent out their stress. As such, they fall prey to antidepressant drugs, which does more harm than good. A very old and wise saying goes “stop and smell the roses”. This is nothing but to discover the peace and tranquility in life, to stop and breathe amidst a hectic lifestyle. To help you achieve your peace of mind read the article below on what to do to relieve stress.
Remedies For Relieving Stress 
  • Celery contains phytonutrients that has a sedative effect and so it calms the body and the mind. So, when you are stressed, eat plenty of celery.
  • Also, eat plenty of fresh cherries to relief the stress. Cherries soothe the nervous system and so it is an excellent remedy for stress.
  • Lettuce also has sedative properties and so it is very good to counter stress.
  • In a tub of hot water, add 1/3 cup of ginger and 1/3 cup of baking soda. Bathe in this water, as it will soothe your entire body. Another way is to mix half a cup of salt, 1 cup of Epsom salts and 2 cups baking soda. Add half a cup of this mixture in your bathing water and have a bath. This will effectively wash the stress away.
  • Eating oats also fights off stress by producing a calming effect on the nerves.
  • Rub your body from head to toe in warm sesame oil. Then gently massage and take a hot bath later.
  • Make a tea with 2 to 3 cardamom pods and drink it as often as you can. You can also add cardamoms in rice, lentils, and vegetables.
  • Peppermint tea is also very effective in relieving stress, as it will help you in getting sleep. To make the tea, take a cup of boiling water and then put one teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves in it. Add honey to sweeten it and drink a cup of this tea before going to bed. Even a peppermint candy is good to produce a relaxing effect.
  • Another tea that you can try is the tarragon tea that very effectively calms the nervous system. Take a cup of boiled water and then add half a teaspoon of dried tarragon in it. You can also use tarragon to season your soups and salads.
  • Take a brisk walk for thirty minutes. Walking relaxes the muscles and thus it can provide relief against stress.
  • Sniff on some essential oils like peppermint oil and lavender oil to counter stress.
  • Deep breathing is another good option. Inhale slowly and deeply and then release the air through slightly parted lips. Do this for 2 minutes to calm the mind. Also, lie down with your eyes closed and the body relaxed. This will also have a calming effect on the body.

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