Step up exercises are the best alternative to squats and lunges, in order to get toned and well-defined body structure. Go through the article, to get information on how to do step-up exercise.

Step Up Exercises

If you thought that intensive workout was all about uncomfortable squats and lunges, trying step-up exercises may change the way you look at your fitness regime. Most often we refrain from doing lower body training for the fear of doing scrunches and lunges. Step-up exercise is one easy solution to tone up the body and lose weight effectively, without the sit-ups and pushups. Step up exercise is a form of aerobic exercise that isn’t just effective against losing weight, but also for boosting stamina. It is possibly the best bet for beginners and is much recommended by fitness experts these days. In the following lines, we have provided information on how to do step-up exercise, its benefits and the precautions that one should adhere to.
How To Do Step-Up Exercise
  • To perform step-up exercise, you will need an elevated platform or a step box. If you don't have a step box, you can use stairs or a very sturdy box to meet the purpose.
  • Just stand erect with your hands on sides. Lift your right leg and place it on the stair or step box.
  • Now, lift your left leg and place it on the step box. Stand for a second and then bring your right foot down, quickly followed by your left foot.
  • Continue this for some time. Once you get comfortable, pick up speed and practice the movement at a fast pace.
  • Never allow both the legs to stay together on the floor for more than a second.
  • You can start with a count of 20 and then gradually increase the count as you become more comfortable.
  • Always remember to make complete contact between the entire sole of the foot and the platform. Never stay on your toes, while your leg is up on the step box.
  • Maintain a comfortable distance, as you step down the step box.
  • Perform the step-up exercise gently, as doing this exercise harshly can cause unnecessary strain to your legs and feet.
  • Never flex your knees beyond 90 degrees, while stepping up. It’s best to buy a step box with the recommended height, to avoid over flexing.
  • Keep your body erect, while doing step ups, as only this will give you the desired results.
Benefits Of Step Up Exercises
  • Step up exercise is a great way to boost your heart beat and shed those extra kilos. As your body paces up and down, the heart pumps more blood into the body that leads to the usage of excess body fat. As the fat gets consumed, you lose weight. It is also known to boost body flexibility.
  • Step up exercise is indeed a great way of toning your leg muscles. When you do step-up exercises, your legs pace up. Step up exercise increases leg muscles and bone strength and also gives a boost to your stamina. It also assists in losing leg fat.
  • There is a school of thought that crowns step-up as the king of compound leg weight training exercises. This is based on the fact that the exercise uses an independent leg action, which closely resembles the movement pattern of the leg muscles, while running and jumping.

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