There are many stretching exercises that you can do in office to ensure that your muscles don’t get strained. Check out tips for full body exercise.

Office Exercises

Sitting in front of the computer for long hours can not only be frustrating but is also very detrimental for your health. The sedentary lifestyle has ushered in a lot of health problems in the young professionals of today. Employers of big firms and organizations are recognizing this fact and are leaving no stone unturned for taking into account, the health of their valued employees. A lot of companies these days promote exercises and aerobic classes in the office. Some offices are also equipped with a fully functional gym, for all those who want to combat stress in a healthy way. However, if you don’t have a gym in your office, there are many other ways by which you can do a full body exercise in office. Check out some tips for stretching exercises in office. 

Stretching Exercises in Office
  • Take short breaks and walk around. If you have your own room, just walk around the room for 5 minutes. Move your toes inside your shoes and stretch your calf muscles while you walk. This will increase blood circulation in your legs and not allow the muscles to weaken.
  • Climb the stairs instead of taking the lift. If your office is in the ground floor, try parking your car a bit away from the building and walk briskly to your office.
  • The lunch break is ideal to do some exercises. After you have your lunch, go out for a walk. The office lawn is the best place for that. If you don’t have a lawn, try stretching your hands and legs in your room. Sit straight on your chair, pull your arms behind and grasp the back-support of the chair. Tug your shoulders forward and feel the muscles of your arms opening up and being stretched.
  • Likewise, sit straight on the chair with your feet flat on the floor. Slowly, lift up one leg and make it parallel to the floor. Flex your feet and rotate it clockwise and anti-clockwise. Bring your leg down slowly and repeat with the other leg.
  • If your neck is under pressure, do this exercise on a regular basis. Sit straight on your chair, close your eyes and just relax. Slowly, lower your head so that the chin touches the base of the throat. Rotate your head clockwise and anti-clockwise very slowly. Breathe normal while you do this.

When you get a call on your mobile, get up and move around while you talk instead of talking while glued to your seat. Else, just get up and walk till the coffee machine or go to the restroom. Take breaks to move around and stretch yourself.

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