Unplanned pregnancy can prove to be a great setback. Find out how to handle and cope up with the situation of unplanned pregnancy.

Unplanned Pregnancy

You were enjoying the spring of your life, living each moment to the fullest. It seemed like a never ending dream and suddenly you wake up with a jolt, to realize, it’s all over. Yes, you know you are not feeling the same, when the burden of unplanned pregnancy falls upon your shoulders. In a moment the otherwise beautiful dream unexpectedly turns into the worst nightmare. Moreover, citing the irony of life, the biggest boon of a woman’s life can leave you heart broken, if you are not prepared for it. However, when you know you are at crossroads, stay calm and choose wisely, as a single decision can change your life forever. To make things easy, we have provided some essential information to help you tackle the situation with tact.
The shock of an unintended pregnancy can leave you scared and lost. However, it is important to understand that the need of the hour is to have a grip on yourself. The first and foremost thing to do is to confirm your pregnancy. This can be done by a number of ways. You can opt for a home pregnancy test kit, which facilitates determination of pregnancy within the four walls of your house, keeping you secure. Though the home tests are 90% accurate, you can consult a doctor to be 100% sure about your pregnancy.
After your pregnancy has been confirmed, the next thing to do is to analyze your situation wisely. If you are in a relationship, talk to your partner about the situation and try getting to a conclusion. In case you are single and the current state is the result of a temporary emotional surge, you will have to find the way out, single handedly. There are three options in front of you to choose from; either you can deliver the baby and decide to be a parent or go for an abortion. The last alternative can be that of giving the child for adoption, after birth.
Being a Parent
Being a parent is often termed as one of the most responsible and challenging jobs in this world. Before deciding to enjoy the pleasure of nurturing a life within you, there are a number of question you should ask yourself such as, will your partner agree to be a father, how would your family react, can you shoulder the responsibility of a child alone - if need be, will you be able to give your baby a secure life, how will you excel in life with your baby by your side, etc. Once you satisfy yourself with convincing answers, go on, explore the bounteous world of motherhood.
In case you are not ready to be a mother, a viable option for getting rid of the unplanned pregnancy is abortion. For an abortion, you need to discuss the matter with your gynecologist and seek her permission. After your doctor examines you and gives the green light, you can proceed to terminate the pregnancy. It should be noted that abortion can only be conducted up to 3-4 months of pregnancy and should only be carried by a trained professional, for your safety.
Adoption is the last option for you to make up for the situation. If you want to give birth to the child but can’t raise him, or possibly cannot go for an abortion as it is already too late, then you can consider adoption. However, you should keep in mind that it is not an easy process, because after being with the baby for 9 months, you are bound to get attached and may find it difficult to separate from him. Moreover, there is also added responsibility on your shoulders to find a good family for your baby to secure his future.

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