Heaving hormones, overflowing bladder and scarce sleep during pregnancy can cause severe exhaustion during pregnancy. Here are some ways on how to cope with exhaustion during pregnancy.

Exhaustion During Pregnancy

Anyone who ever said that pregnancy was all play and no work was in all likelihood trying to cheer you up or plainly lying! Pregnancy is an exhilarating experience for most expecting mums that can sooner or later turn out to be an exhausting toss. You can find yourself hitting the snooze button more than often and feeling dog-tired 24x7. Bearing a baby is never easy and when it comes to dealing with fatigue and slumped energy levels, things can go all the more awry. It is perfectly normal for a pregnant woman to feel all woozy and lazy when expecting. The internal involvements of the body can tax every part of your system, making you feel frayed and down in the dumps. During pregnancy, the body slogs double-time to support and nourish the new life inside you. Also, the kicking hormones can just add to your woe, leaving you feeling dizzy and droopy-eyed. While little can be done to save you from feeling fatigued and exhausted; a little know-how on how to keep your energy levels high, during your term, can economize your woes. Read on to know more on how to cope with exhaustion during pregnancy and have a happy motherhood.
Coping With Exhaustion During Pregnancy
  • If you are pregnant and feel pinned in a vicious circle of wakefulness and exhaustion, you are not alone. Sleep can become a distant dream when pregnant, with nausea, heartburn and overfilled bladder getting you tossing and turning in bed and leaving you feeling totally washed-out. The only way to beat your sleep blues is to go to bed early. During pregnancy, your body yearns for more rest and an early sleep can only ensure that you wake up with a gush of energy.
  • Put the snooze button off, roll under your warm sheets and enjoy a great nap! Just an early sleep is not enough! Sleeping more than usual or getting power naps during the day is the key to a happy motherhood. Pregnancy is a time when your body needs more rest than ever. The hormonal riot inside can make you feel woozy and fagged. A couple of catnaps during the day can surprisingly drive out weariness from your system. All you need to do is to curl up for a brief fifteen minutes nap and wake up to a more vigorous self.
  • Eat to beat pregnancy fatigue! It is likely that after all the bouts of morning sickness and poor sleep one is hardly left with any appetite. Also, constant naggings on what to eat and what to skip can leave one with a little wish to eat. However, remember that eating and eating right is most important during this time. The growing needs of your body and baby warrants that you take in more protein, iron, calcium and folic acid. Instead of cramming up your appetite with big meals, switch to small, healthy mini meals to keep your energy levels from dipping.
  • Though you may not feel like running a marathon when expecting, a little exercise can save your body from that dead tired phase. No matter how exhausted you are or how lazy you might feel, draw up your determination and hit the road for a brisk walk and a whiff of fresh air. Exercise is known to boost endorphin levels that can help you stay and feel more energetic throughout the day. You can also try some stretches or practice yoga to banish your fatigue blues and stay happy and high.
  • Dramatic rise in progesterone can leave you droopy-eyed and begging for rest! While it is important to sleep, at times, sleeping right can make a big difference on how you wake up. Nestle yourself in a comfortable body pillow or tuck a few extra pillows under your knees and back and lull away to a peaceful slumber. A comfortable sleeping position is extremely important since bulging tummy, a frequently-full bladder, tender breasts and general discomforts can interfere with your good night sleep.
  • Do not exert yourself fretting too much on household chores. It is best to ask for help if you are finding it difficult to drag on with your daily chores. Ask your husband, family or even friends to pitch in so that you can have more rest and fewer chores to your aid.

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