Some basic things have to be kept in mind for planning your second pregnancy. Here’s how to plan second baby.

Second Pregnancy

Looks like the stork is expected again! Your face is glowing, there is happiness all around and everyone is excitedly awaiting the new arrival. However, there are certain things that must be kept in mind for planning a second pregnancy. If you are thinking that since you had an easy first pregnancy, this one will be a cakewalk, think again! Majority of women don’t have the same symptoms as the first pregnancy and even get some symptoms that they were totally unaware of. Sometimes, the belly shows up within the fourth month, while for some, there are increased incidents of morning sickness. Here’s how to go about planning pregnancy for the second time.
Physical Preparation
Your body has already undergone the travails of pregnancy once. A lot of wear and tear takes place which heals with time. So when you plan to have second child, make sure that your body is in a healthy condition. Remember the body will be under immense pressure for nine months, not to mention the post-delivery complications. So make sure you give your body time to heal and become strong to bear a baby for the second time.
Appropriate Gap between Two Kids
There should be enough time gap between your first and second child. Ideally, doctors recommend that the time gap should not be less than 1.5 to 2 years. This is the time that the body also takes to prepare itself for a second baby. you also need at least two years to take care of the first baby properly and then prepare yourself for the second one. Having a toddler already and then a new born will only make things difficult for you and the children. Also, the first born child will not feel as neglected if he/she is old enough to understand that a second child is coming and needs attention.
Plan Carefully
It is a fact that most of the second pregnancies are unplanned. You need to know that your body becomes fertile in just 6 weeks after the delivery. So, plan your second baby carefully or else, you might treat it like an unwanted child. This kind of a feeling will hamper you greatly when you are pregnant as you tend to go through a stressful time and also suffer from post-partum depression.
Financially Strong
Make sure you have enough finances to support a second baby. Doctor visits, baby products, health supplements, medicines, etc. can burn quite a hole in your pocket. So make sure you are financially sound to have a second child. Also, plan soundly for the future keeping both the kids in mind. You will need to fish out a good amount for education and career building for the two kids; not to mention their different lifestyles and demands.

So, keep these few things in mind and you can look forward to a great second pregnancy!

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