Water aerobic exercise offers a complete workout for people of all age groups. Water Aerobics workout is the coolest way to shed unwanted flab and stay fit during the hot summer season.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobic exercises are an enjoyable way to exercise during the hot summers. Though the work out may appear like one splashing around the pool waters, yet those who are seriously into water aerobic exercise claim it’s an exceptional method to burn out unwanted flab from the body and build inner strength. Infact, health experts state water aerobic exercise has proved effective for people ailing from arthritis and other problems many times.      
Water aerobic exercise does not just concern swimming. It offers a complete head to toe workout for fitness freaks. It allows you to burn calories and simultaneously develops body strength and flexibility. The buoyancy of the water inflicts much less pressure on one’s joints and muscles in comparison to some other workout methods. Moreover, it’s not mandatory to know swimming beforehand for performing the water aerobic exercise.
This is because few water aerobic workouts are carried out in waist and chest level water in the pool, while some other like jogging are practiced in deeper water where only the person's body is completely inundated. Many fitness freaks even perform water aerobic workouts in a temperature-controlled swimming pool. A good feature about this type of exercise is that the routine can be attuned to suit individual requirements and fitness levels.
Aerobic water exercise may consist of jogging, running and walking underwater in a swimming pool. This not only tones up the muscles in the legs and hips, but also works magic for the cardio-respiratory fitness. If you are a novice, you can start with simple exercise like walking in the shallow part of the pool. Steadily you can graduate thigh and then chest deep water levels. A half an hour of water aerobic exercise is said to burn around 300 calories. 
Keep yourself properly hydrated when doing water aerobic workouts. Apply a good moisturizer and water-resistant sun block to dispel drying effects of chlorine. Also buy yourself a good pair of water shoes for the water aerobic exercise. A normal practice session usually spans a duration of about 30 minutes and may consist of warm-up, cool-down and stretching exercises. Advanced water aerobics includes dance and calisthenics movements performed with or without music. 

Rhythmic breathing is vital for fine water aerobic exercise so that the body is in harmony with the soft flow of the water. There are many advantages of doing the water aerobic exercise. For instance, nothing can be more refreshing than a hot summer’s day spend in a pool of cool translucent water. What more can one ask for if he or she gets one’s daily dose simultaneously. This, perhaps, is the only exercise form through which one does not need to sweat it out to attain that perfect shape. Water aerobics is suitable for people of all age groups.

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