If you get water trapped in your ears regularly, information on ways of removing the same will surely come handy to you. Read on to know some simple tips on how to remove water from ear.

How To Remove Water From Ear

Water blocking in the ears is a common phenomenon that happens at one point of time or the other, with all of us. The blocked water is highly irritating as it lowers the audibility and gives a feeling of something being trapped inside the ear. It can cause infection as well, if left in the ear for a long duration of time. Since ear is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, you need to be careful while handling it, to remove the water. Here, we bring you some simple tips on how to remove water from ear, which you conveniently follow by yourself.
Ways Of Removing Water From Your Ears 
  • Make an ear drying solution, by mixing 5% acetic acid and 95% isopropyl alcohol in equal proportion. The acid present in the mixture will help break down the ear wax, which might be retaining some amount of water in the ear canal.
  • Stand on one foot and tilt your head in such a manner that the ear that is blocked with water faces the ground. Continue hopping on one leg till all the water comes out.
  • Another method is to first tilt your head to the side where the ear does not have any water and then in a very fast pace, tilt it to the other side. Water will drain off naturally.
  • Lie down, while by tilting your head to the side where the ear has been blocked with water. The gravitational force may lead to draining out of the water, from the ear.
  • Bend your head to the side the ear has been blocked with water. Hold your palm against the ear and push the palm in and out for some time, till you find the water coming out.
  • Place one finger in your ear (that has been blocked with water) and create vacuum inside it, by rapid action of pushing and pulling the finger. The water will come out quickly.
  • You can also use hair dryer to remove water from your ear. You should set the dryer on low setting. Hold it at a distance of minimum 6 inches from your ear, blow each ear for 20 seconds and feel the water drying out.
  • You can remove the water by using the principle of cohesion of liquids. In this case, you need to add more water to the ear that also contains water. Tilt the head upwards, towards the side of the water-containing ear. Now tilt your head instantly to the other side and you will find the water coming out.
  • Chewing gum can also prove useful in draining out the stagnant water, as it creates pressure from the middle ear, which pushes the ear plug, in turn draining out the water.
  • You can apply internal pressure to force the water out. Yawn, while tilting the head in the side of the blocked ear. You will find that the trapped water pours out instantly.
  • If you suffer from blocked ears on a regular basis, it is a good idea to buy an ear dryer. This dryer is more effective than the normal dryers, as it does not emit hot air, which may damage the delicate portion of your ear. 
  • Never poke your ear with ear buds or any pointed objects, to remove water. This may hurt the eardrum and lead to serious problems.
  • Be careful that you do not lose balance while hopping. You can make yourself steady by holding on to a railing or a chair.
  • Using alcohol can make you feel a stinging sensation for some time. However, this sensation does not last long.
  • Consult your doctor in case the above-mentioned tips do not work for you and you still feel the water logging in your ear.

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