Jaw pain is a common health problem that people today complain of. With this article, explore what are the leading factors that cause jaw pain to occur.

Jaw Pain Causes

Though it might not sound as something serious, only a person who has faced it would be able to tell you how agonizing jaw pain. Medically known as temporomandibular joint disorder, jaw pain can make talking, chewing and even breathing an arduous task for you. While taking painkillers is the only thing people resort to, it is very important to know the real cause behind the occurrence of the pain. In the following lines, we have provided a detailed list of the various causes that lead to jaw pain.
Causes Of Jaw Pain 
  • Jaw injury or inflammation on the jaw joint is one of the primary causes for the occurrence of jaw pain. The joints lie right in front of the ears, on both sides, wherein the upper and lower jaw come together.
  • Difference in the way the teeth in the upper jaw meets those in the lower jaw might cause jaw pain. This is when a person indulges in removal and replacement of lots of teeth, a condition known as malocclusion.
  • Jaw injuries can be the reason for jaw pain to occur. Sometimes, jaw injuries result in dislocation of the joints altogether. This makes even opening and closing of the mouth cumbersome.
  • A bony outgrowth around the joint of the jaw is a leading factor for jaw pain to strike. It can be due to the irregularities in the joint, which have caused the outgrowths to occur.
  • Arthritis is a primary reason for elderly people suffering from jaw pain. With age, the joints get worn out, causing the pain to strike.
  • Dental problems are another reason behind jaw pain. Chances of jaw pain are high in people who suffer from toothache as well as cavities.
  • Those who have the habit of constant nail biting are more susceptible to facing jaw problems later on in life.
  • Stress is also one of the leading factors causing jaw pain. In stressful hours, most people tend to clench the muscle of their mouth tightly, which can cause damage to the tissues of the muscles, consequently leading to jaw pain.
  • Though rare, tetanus disease can also contribute to the occurrence of jaw pain. In this disease, the bacteria that cause tetanus spread on the muscles of the jaw and mouth, thereby tightening them. The condition can become extremely severe and can cause shutting of the mouth and breathing problems as well.
  • For those who constantly grind their teeth, the bad news is that this habit can lead to jaw pain. Too much grinding causes extra pressure and stress on the muscles and joints of the jaw, thus leading to damage as well as pain.
  • Sometimes, jaw pain might have no relation to the jaws. The pain, in this case, is a symptom of some other disease. Migraine, sinus infection, shingles and an impending heart attack are some such diseases that result in jaw pain.

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