Back pain is one of the most common ailments in today’s world. Explore this article to know how to prevent back pain.

How To Prevent Back Pain

Ah…uh... Ouch, this is not just an advertisement of a famous ointment but is a reality with many of us.  Back pain has become one of the very common ailments in recent times. With the current lifestyle, almost all of us have experienced back pain one or other time. However, what we don’t know that back pain can make even the simple chores of getting dressed up fraught with pain forget about fishing, golfing or even working for long hours. Still the problem is that we take the back pain for granted and don’t realize the gravity of putting the back in dangerous position every day. Back pain doesn’t happen in one day and is often the result of continuous strains. No matter what we do, it requires the use of the back and putting the back in perilous positions may lead to dangerous back injuries. Explore the given pointers to know the tips for preventing back pain.
Tips For Preventing Back Pain
  • Sleeping may seem like the least strenuous work, however continuous sleep in a bad position and in wrong bedding, may trigger the back pain. Get a back friendly mattress and sleep properly without straining your back.
  • One of the most common causes of back pain is muscle spasm and it can occur if a heavy object is lifted incorrectly. The best way to avoid the pain is by avoiding lifting heavy objects.
  • Good posture also helps in preventing back pain. Have a straight posture and try not to bend your back even when you are doing chores like tying your shoelaces, putting pants on etc.
  • You can prevent back pain by incorporating back strengthening exercises. Press-ups, partial sit-up, and knee to chest raise etc are all back strengthening exercises, which help the back to withstand everyday rigors.
  • If you have to sit and work for longer hours, opt for ergonomically designed chairs. Sit by keeping your bums up against the bottom of the backrest and let your back lean against it.
  • Don’t sit in one position for too long. If you have to, then change the position as frequently as you can.
  • Take a complete and nutritious diet and incorporate as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. Drink proper amount of water and avoid junk foods.
  • Emotional and mental stress also plays an important role in having a healthy you. Recognize your stress and work to alleviate it.
  • Incorporate yoga and meditation in your daily life. It will help you not only in keeping your back healthy but also will provide total health.
  • Quit smoking as it lessen the oxygen in the body and thus makes it susceptible to back pain.
  • Weight maintenance is also very necessary for a pain free back as obesity is one of the main reasons of back pains.
  • Wear appropriate shoes as they may also trigger back pain because of bad posture.

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