It is not too difficult to handle back pain in labor, provided you know the right techniques for the same. Go through this article and know how to ease back pain in labor.

How To Ease Back Pain In Labor

Many of the women experience severe back pain during labor. The reason for the enormous pressure on the back is the position of the baby, in which the back of his head presses against the mother's lower back. Termed as back labor and even Occiput (head) Posterior (back), this condition is neither unnatural nor dangerous. However, it does make the labor very uncomfortable for the mother. So, the best bet for a pregnant woman would be to encourage the baby to change the position. In the following lines, we have provided tips on how to ease back pain in labor. However, before following any of them, please consult your doctor. At the same time, stop doing them if you feel any discomfort.
Easing Back Pain During Labor
During Pregnancy 
  • Throughout your pregnancy, make sure that your back is well supported. At the same time, ensure that you are always in the right posture. For instance, slouching is bad for you and it doesn't get the baby into a good position either.
  • It is advisable to indulge in regular exercise, all through the pregnancy. You can either walk on a daily basis or indulge in some other exercise, as prescribed by your doctor. However, while exercising, be conscious of your alignment and posture.
  • If you are suffering from too much back pain, it is advisable to consult a pregnancy massage therapist, physical therapist, chiropractor or acupuncturist for the same. But, do make sure that he/she already has an experience with pregnant women.
  • It is always better to plan your labor support beforehand, to help you deal with back pain. He/should have experience in giving birth and be aware of the techniques for back labor. It would be best if he/she helps you change the baby's position. 
In Labor 
  • The best bet would be to assume a posture that would help ease the pressure off your back. In case you need to lie down, make sure that you do not end up being flat on your back, as this is the worst position for you. Rather, lay on your side, in a fetal position.
  • You can try sitting on a birthing ball, which places you in the comfortable posture of squatting. It will help take the pressure off your back. If possible, you can also try to move your hips back and forth, while sitting on the ball, supporting the baby's head to come down.
  • If it is possible for you, walk around a little. Moving around will help ease the pain. You can also try swaying your hips as you move. If the doctor gives permission for the same, and you are up to it, go up and down stairs, but two at a time.
  • Applying counter pressure on the back can sometimes help reduce the pain. For instance, you can ask someone to roll a tennis ball along the area. Getting someone to squeeze both the hips during a contraction might also help.
  • You can ask your doctor to suggest a position that might help sway the baby's head into a god position. He/she might ask you to get on all fours and sway your hips back and forth. Massaging your belly might also encourage the baby to move a bit.
  • If it is comfortable for you, try raising one of your legs on a chair and leaning onto it. Make sure that there is someone there to support you all the time. This might help open your pelvis more and even sway over the baby and shift its position.
  • Other options include applying a heating pad or hot water bottle over the back. You can also do pelvic tilts on a large physical therapy ball. Make sure to keep drinking fluids and even snacking as long as you can. It will help keep your energy levels up.

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