Your back pain has forced you to lack behind in the race of life? Go through the list of middle back pain exercises and prepare yourself to get back into the race with more torque.

Middle Back Pain Exercises

The roller coaster ride from your house to your office on your bike, wrong posture or excessive exercise done by you misled by a dream of you being the ‘unbreakable’ or any traumatic injury can all cause an unbearable, extremely painful and restless middle back. Middle back pain has today become one of the common problems faced by modern day man. With the life becoming a F1 race track, people find little time to take care of their body. This lack of concentration on self-health leads to many diseases and lifestyle problems—one being the middle back pain. One of the most common causes for any form of back pain is slipped disk. Due to the rigorous life we live, there is little time to do proper exercise and take care of our body. Here are some exercises for middle back pain that will help you get instant relief.
Exercises To Relieve Middle Back Pain
Stretching is a very effective way to de-stress a muscle. If you are suffering from a muscle pain, regular stretching of that muscle will help you to a great extent. Stand up straight and open your hands wide to your side. The hands should be straight, stretched and not folded. With the hands in position and your feet slightly apart turn down to your left hand side without moving your feet and stretch to the point you are comfortable. Repeat the same procedure towards the right hand side and experience desired relief.
To perform this exercise kneel down and keep your toes straight. Once in position try and touch your head to the ground. If you are not being able to touch the ground with your head, at least bend as much close to the ground as you can. Next stretch your hands and touch the ground with your arms touching your ears. You can even stretch your hands backwards instead of stretching it to the front.
Stick Exercise
Another stretching exercise to get rid of middle back pain is to stand up straight holding a stick to your back, right under your neck. Stretch your hands and try and hold the end of the stick. When in position, rotate to one side. Stay in position for at least 30 sec and then repeat the same procedure for the opposite side. You should perform the exercise in a way that there is a strain on your middle back in order for the exercise to prove effective.
Head Stretch
Another beneficial exercise to cure the problem of middle back pain is to exercise your head. To perform the exercise, sit down straight and clasp your hands behind your head. Now pull your head forward gently to touch the chin to your chest, with the hands staying in position. Stay in this position for about 8-10 sec to get maximum relief.
Back Stretch
Lie down on your back and bend your knees with your feet straight on the floor. Keep your arms relaxed. Now raise your right hand straight up to 90o angle and keep it to form a half circle. Relax in the position for few seconds and then reverse the movement. Repeat the same exercise with your left hand.
Cat Stretch
One of the best remedies for middle back pain is to couch up like a cat. Evenly distribute your weight and keep your back straight. Drop down your head and round up like how a cat does. Stay in the position for at least 14-15 sec to strain your middle back properly for it to get some relief.
Leg Stretch
Stand up straight keeping your legs together. Stretch only one of your hands in upward direction in a way that your arm should touch your ears, while your other hand stands close to your body. Now bend down towards your side without bending your knees. Repeat the same procedure with the other hand in opposite direction. This exercise can also help people with lower back pain.
Chest Stretch
Stand with your knees slightly bent to perform the chest stretch exercise. When in position, clasp your hands together behind your back and extend your arms up without arching your back. Hold yourself in the pose for 10-20 sec and then repeat the exercise all over again.
Backward Leg Swing
To perform this exercise, stand while holding the back of a chair for support. Tighten your abdominal and swing your leg back diagonally until you feel your buttocks tighten. Then swing your leg back a couple of more inches and then slowly bring it down after staying in the position for few seconds. Repeat the movement several times and then shift on to your next leg.
Elbow Squeeze
Stand with your arms behind your back and hands held together. Now move your elbows towards each other and tip back your head slightly. Stay in the position for few seconds and then return back to the starting position slowly. Repeat the exercise several times to get instant relief.
Sitting Upward Stretch

Sit up straight and lift up one of your hand in a 90o angle over your head. The hand should be stretched in such a way that you feel a slight stretch in your rib area. Feel the stress for a while and then lower your hand. Repeat the same procedure with the other hand.

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