Douse yourself in the benefits of therapeutic wheatgrass ‘juice-factor’ therapy and drink to your good health. To know more on wheatgrass therapy and its many benefits, read on.

Wheatgrass Therapy

Touted as nature’s finest gift to mankind, the very potent and very nutritious wheatgrass has a lot more to offer than just good health and well-being. Hailed as one of the superfoods to flock the earth in abundance, this super green supplemental nutritious food has rare curative properties with its therapeutic wonders stretching from cleansing to cell regeneration. It is easily and effortlessly absorbed and digested by the body and has found an ever-expanding recognition with the health experts and researchers alike. One of the primary pioneers to exploit the rare potential of wheatgrass and propagate it was Ann Wigmore. It was she who staked high on the potent liquid wheatgrass nutrition and gave wheatgrass its new-found esteem in health care. Wheatgrass therapy, that basically entails wheatgrass juice made from sprouted wheat berries, is claimed to house a host of health benefits starting from cleansing to neutralizing toxins to preventing cancer and more. Wigmore theorized that the decomposed food leftovers in the intestine can pollute the bloodstream and trigger cancer. Wheatgrass juice, if consumed fresh could detoxify the body and avert health risks. It was the chlorophyll in wheatgrass that excited Wigmore which she termed as "the life blood of the planet." She opined that the chlorophyll content in wheatgrass was the answer to many health problems and came up with the popular wheatgrass therapy. To educate yourself more on the benefits of wheatgrass therapy, read on.
Benefits Of Wheatgrass Therapy 
  • Wheatgrass, an extremely nutrient dense green food, is one of the potent sources of living chlorophyll available to us. Chlorophyll is highly antipathetic against bacterial growth and is thus known to boost body immunity like nothing else. What more, the crude chlorophyll in wheatgrass can be consumed raw and as a colon implant without any toxic side effects. Touted as a healer because of its anti-bacterial properties healer, wheatgrass can be used to cure both external and internal illness.
  • Wheatgrass therapy is known to assuage blood related disorders and ward off anemia too. Wheatgrass contains about 70% chlorophyll that bears a close similarity to the hemoglobin and is known to boost the bloodstream. The higher level of chlorophyll found in wheatgrass is known to accentuate the red cell count in the body and is touted as the ultimate potion for the anemic.
  • Wheatgrass therapy is also hyped as an effective alternative cancer cure. As aforementioned, wheatgrass juice helps to boost the levels of red blood cells and supply oxygen to the cells. Increased oxygenation boots out the smog and carbon monoxide from the body and boost physical endurance too.
  • Wheatgrass therapy has purifying effects on the body. Wheatgrass juice is found to thaw scars formed in lungs and wash out the drug deposits from the body. It is known to purify the blood and other body organs and is believed to be a counteractive force against the toxins and body acids. It is also known to boost the enzyme level in our cells that assists in dissolving tumors and pep up body rejuvenation and the metabolism of nutrients.
  • The ‘grass juice factor’ of wheatgrass therapy has disease defying factors and is found to benefit the bones, blood cells, hair, spleen, glands, liver, kidneys, muscles, teeth and other body parts. The juice can be applied to the skin or scalp and can be used to cleanse eyes, gums, sinuses and teeth.
  • Wheatgrass juice is known to offer protection to lungs and blood against water and air pollution, cigarette, toxins, and heavy metals. It is also found to aid weight loss since it curbs appetite and stimulates circulation and metabolism.

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