Sprouts are useful in perking up the disease fighting ability of the body. Review the article to learn how you can easily grow them at home.

How To Grow Sprouts

Sprouts are not only extremely beneficial to your health, but taste great as well. They are loaded with fibers, enzymes, proteins, vitamins and anti-oxidants that assist in reducing toxins and increase digestibility. They are useful in the total cleansing of the body and also perk up the disease fighting ability. Starch in the sprouts changes into maltose, fructose and glucose thus assisting digestion. They are a repository of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, iron, riboflavin, niacin, and phosphorous. Many people are now realizing the immense benefits that can be obtained by incorporating these power houses of condensed energy into their food. Sprouts also increase the nutritional value of food and make up for certain deficiencies in the body. A sprout is created when a seed germinates. They are easy to grow and can be grown anywhere with just a few basic supplies.Here are different ways to grow sprouts at home. Read on.
Tips On Growing Sprouts
Growing Sprouts In Trays
  • Soak the seeds you intend to sprout for a minimum of six to eight hours and remove husk and dirt.
  • Take a flat saucer or tray and spread out a two-inch layer of soil. Scatter the soaked seeds on top of the soil.
  • Enclose the seeds with wet muslin or newspaper and finally with a cling film to prevent the seeds from drying.
  • In two to three days time the sprouts will start to germinate and lift the muslin or newspaper. Remove the cling film now to allow the sprouts to grow.
  • Place the tray near the window sill to allow the sunlight to help the sprouts turn green.
  • Water twice each day. In this way you will be able to prevent the soil from drying up.
  • In eight to ten days time, you will have sprouts that are tall enough to crop.
Growing Sprouts In A Jar
  • Soak the seeds in tepid water overnight in a glass jar with a wide mouth.
  • Drain the water off the jar in the morning and wash the seeds well. Remove husk and dirt.
  • Cover the mouth of the jar with a piece of muslin and fasten it with a rubber band to hold the fabric firmly in place. This makes rinsing easier.
  • In order to keep the sprouts continually wet, repeat the rinsing 2-3 times a day. However, be careful and do not forget to drain any surplus water.  
  • Do not straight away keep the jar in sunlight. Wait till the seeds germinate.
  • Once the seeds germinate in three to four days time, place the jar near the window sill to stimulate chlorophyll and turn the sprouts green.
  • In a few days time you will have sprouts that are tall enough to crop.
Growing Sprouts In A Flower Pot
  • Use a clean plastic or clay flower pot. Check if there is a hole in the bottom of the pot to ensure that excess water drains off. Place a piece of muslin in the bottom of the pot over the hole to prevent the seeds from falling out.
  • Soak the seeds overnight and then place them in the pot. Cover the pot with a saucer.
  • Remember to hold the pot under flowing water for a few minutes each day. This will help the seeds to soak well.
  • Once the seeds begin to germinate, remove the saucer and cover the pot with cling film to let light in.
  • Place the pot near a window that allows daylight.
  • In a few days time you will have sprouts that are tall enough to crop.

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