Finding it difficult to stick to a regular exercise routine? Go through the article to learn how to stay motivated to exercise, and find yourself eager to put on your workout gear.

How To Stay Motivated To Exercise

Everyone knows that providing physical exercise is very important for maintaining the overall health of the body. We read many journals on healthy living, talk a lot about the importance of staying fit in social gatherings and watch wellbeing programs, but how many of us really practice and follow a ‘regular’ healthy regimen? Be true to your heart while answering the question! With the packed work schedule, overfilling tasks and deadlines to meet, it can only be a great inspiration that can motivate you to make an effort and take out few hours every day from the busy schedule, and work your way out for a healthier you. However, it is not just the time factor that you need to consider. There is another factor that needs to be overpowered if you really want be healthy - the laziness syndrome. Lethargy and indolence play a spoil sport and come in between good health and you. As such, amidst such circumstances pushing yourself towards physical exertion is a difficult possibility, unless you follow the simple ways to stay motivated for exercise. Read on and get motivated for a healthier and better you!
Ways To Stay Motivated For Exercise
Purpose Of Exercise
Does thinking about an exhausting routine right in the morning or after a long day at work make you go panicky? If yes, then probably you have forgotten why you chose to workout in the first place. A great way to stay motivated would be to question yourself each day as to why do you want to exercise? Is it because you want to lose weight? Are you preparing for an upcoming competition? Is it just for a better physique? These questions will keep reminding you the purpose for which you chose the exercise routine and will therefore motivate you to fulfill the purpose.
Set A Goal
Set yourself a mark which you would like to achieve. Remember, not everyone can be Cameron Diaz or Arnold Schwarzenegger, as each person has his/her own capability. Therefore, set yourself some realistic short-term and long-term goals, instead of living in a world of fantasy. The clue here being realistic goals. Once you have set your goals, start working towards the short term goal first and then going for the long term ones. Achieving short-term goals would help you develop confidence and self-belief. Setting up a goal and working towards it is what will motivate you and lead you towards achieving it.
Vary Workout Routines
Variety is the spice of life. Remember, there is no dearth of exercise forms. Practicing the same exercise day in and day out can be monotonous, not to mention it would bring down your motivation for indulging in the workout session. Introduce a new exercise every week, as performing the same workout can get extremely boring and dreary. Moreover, learning and mastering a new workout routine is always exciting. Therefore, a slight change in the workout routine every couple of weeks will keep your motivation level high.
Find A Buddy
Search for a workout buddy for yourself. It can be your friend or just a member at your gym. A workout buddy should be someone who will not let you go off the track, because of your laziness. This accountability will act as a great motivation for you to reach the gym on time and do the workouts with great interest. Also, having a company would help you achieve your goal faster.
Keep An Exercise Journal
Maintain a record of your workout routine, the days you workout, the weights you use, the type of exercises you perform, the number of hours you chip in daily and so on. Keeping a regular log like this will serve as a great motivator and help you set up a pre-workout goal. This will also help you judge your performance and will challenge your abilities pushing you to work harder.
Remember The Benefits
Keep repeating to yourself the benefits of sweating it out in a tedious workout regimen. Regular exercise helps in maintaining a good balance between body and mind of a person. Regular exercise routine helps in weight management, providing stronger immune system, increasing energy level and decreasing stress. You can even jot down the benefits that you experience after each workout session and can go through the list every time you feel de-motivated.
Reward Yourself
Every time you achieve a small goal, reward yourself with something small and inexpensive that you always wanted. The self reward factor will work psychologically, motivating you to exercise regularly and better. However, avoid food coupons as rewards. It might get you back to square one!
Make It Fun
Activities that a person enjoys bring out better results than those that a person takes as a burden. Practice a workout routine that thrills you or join a sport or an activity that you enjoy. This will not only interest you in performing the activities, but it will also bring out new and hidden athletic talent in you.

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