One of the most common traits of schizoid personality disorder is that the person becomes an egocentric individual. Explore signs & symptoms of schizoid personality disorder.

Schizoid Personality Traits

Socially isolated, self-centered, introvert and emotional coldness are few words that perfectly define the personality trait of a person suffering from ‘Schizoid Personality Disorder’. People suffering from this sort of a personality disorder love to be left alone. They love to live in their own small world of fantasies and false beliefs. Schizoid personality disorder is more common in people with a history of schizophrenia in their family. However, do not mistake the disorder to be same as schizophrenia. In schizoid personality disorder, it is the inability to connect with other people around that leaves a patient lonely and friendless. Such people are hypersensitive in nature. As such, even if they attempt to develop a relationship and strike a conversation, their hypersensitive and touchy nature restricts them from doing so. This leaves them with no friends and pushes them down into the routine of lonely and self-centered living. This article provides you with the symptoms of schizoid personality disorder which will give you an insight into the person’s personality.
Signs & Symptoms Of Schizoid Personality Disorder
  • One of the glaring and the most prominent of all the traits of a person suffering from schizoid personality disorder is the lack of interest in developing any relationship with the other person. Such a person feels that he/she is a social misfit and can do no good. The patient hesitates in developing any kind of interpersonal relationships, including one with the family members. People struck with schizoid personality disorder love staying isolated, without being disturbed or bothered by any other person. They don’t go for a date; they often don’t marry and have few or no friends.
  • A normal person loves to be in company of someone. He/she would indulge in group activities and try and relate to other people. However, such is not the case with a person struck with schizoid personality disorder. A person suffering from this disorder chooses activities that he/she can do himself/herself, activities in which he/she need not depend on someone else. Patients with this disorder hardly choose to play games which involve a team. Rather, they prefer playing computer games and mathematical games that requires only single player.
  • Nothing interests patients suffering from schizoid personality disorder. They take no pleasure in any activity or task that they are involved in. These people are unable to experience the full range of any emotion. Nothing seems to elicit an emotionally expressive reaction in them; neither the death of any of their relative, nor the success of any of their family member. They are, at times, unable to express and show the basic of any human emotions as well.
  • People suffering from this type of personality disorder become callous. They get indurate to any positive or negative comments made by others. Indifferent as they are, nothing in the world concerns them. Also, such people are not bothered by what others think of them.
  • Beauty of a personality and charm of opposite sex does not seem to drive any interest in people suffering from schizoid personality disorder. They have very little or no interest in sharing a sexual experience with another person, including the spouse as well, if the affected person is married.
  • ‘Cold’ and ‘distant’ are the words to describe the emotional trait of the affected patients. They seem to find it difficult to express empathy and concern for others. Such people have significantly restricted emotions, making it difficult for them to relate to another person. Their personality can be defined to be bland, humorless and dull, with no interest to converse or interact with another person.
  • Since schizoid personality makes patients self-confined individuals, the disorder gives them a chance to spread their wings of fantasy and fancy. As such, patients suffering from the disorder can prove to be a good storyteller. They can be seen fantasizing about things and day dreaming. A person suffering from schizoid personality disorder loves to live in his/her dream world.

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