Sociopath can be best described as a human parasite. Read below to know the characteristics of a sociopath.

Characteristics Of A Sociopath

There is a saying that man is a social animal. Indeed society, group, herd or any such collectivism is one characteristic trait that defines every living creature, big and small. From the microscopic colonies of bacteria to the schools of gigantic whales, every creature seeks solace and sustenance in the warmth of camaraderie. Society or herd provides help and nurtures life. In this age, where survival of the fittest is the basic truth, lone rangers will have a tough time surviving. Like the animal world, where a tusker or lion ventures alone, ridiculing the protection of the herd, in humans, there are such exceptions too, who have nothing, but contempt for society. However, unlike in the animal kingdom, in humans such rogues do not leave society to seek their own way. Instead, they prey on others for their own benefit. Such people who abhor friendship and love and rely on falsehood completely are known as a sociopath. Sociopaths should not be confused with people who voluntarily stay away from company. They are, in fact, people who are medically suffering from Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD). The symptoms of a sociopath manifest during the early childhood or adolescence and continue throughout adulthood. All sociopath are united in the fact that they display certain characteristics that is common to all of them. So, knowledge of these characteristics can help in identifying if someone is a sociopath or not. Read the article below to know what these characteristics of a sociopath are.
Sociopathic Personality Traits
  • Sociopaths are very manipulative and conning. They never respect or recognize the rights of others. Instead, they consider their selfish nature as the right behavior.
  • Sociopathic people display superficial charm and charisma, but underneath they are extremely hostile and domineering. They consider other people just as instruments to be used for their purpose. As such, they tend to dominate and humiliate others.
  • Another very interesting characteristic of sociopaths is that they consider the things they want as their right to have. As such, they have a very grandiose sense of their self. Even the luxury items which they crave for is believed to be a need rather than a treat.
  • Sociopaths are pathological liars. They tend to lie, just for the heck of it, even when it is not necessary. They can lie quite easily. With time, lying becomes a habit and it becomes very hard for them to speak the truth. In most cases, lying boosts their ego and leads to a high belief in their powers and abilities. Due to frequent lying, sociopaths become so apt in it that they seem to be very convincing.
  • They do not exhibit any shame, remorse or guilt. This can mostly be due to their repressed rage that is at the core of many sociopaths.
  • Sociopaths do not or are not able to cultivate friends, as they consider other people as opportunities. The nearest that they come to friendship is having accomplices.
  • Sociopaths allow nothing to stand in their way of attaining their goals. They always use the wrong method of achieving this, as they consider the end always justifies the means.
  • Sociopaths are very shallow people. They do not or cannot portray genuine emotions. Even if they show love and compassion, then it is feigned rather than experienced and they do so to serve an ulterior purpose. Their every act and thought is driven by falsehoods. Because of their lack of emotions they are also incapable of loving others.
  • Sociopaths remain unmoved by anything that would upset a normal person. Yet they get outraged by very insignificant matters that would not even cross the mind of a normal human being.
  • Sociopaths live on the edge and do not shy away from risks and dangers, because it provides the stimulation that they need. As such, most sociopaths are addicted to gambling and are also promiscuous. For them, brawling, punishments and fights are a daily part of the routine.
  • Sociopaths are very impulsive and cannot control their behavior. They cannot sympathize with the pain that their victim feels. Instead, they feel only contempt and take advantage of their victims’ distress.
  • Unreliability and irresponsibility are other characteristics that define sociopaths. Since they are constantly lying and exhibit self centered behavior, relying on them for some work or giving them a responsibility would not solve the purpose.

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