Ancient Chinese medical practitioners had good things to say about the benefits of astragalus roots. To know more on what these medical maestros had to say on astragalus root benefits, read on.

Astragalus Root Benefits

A sweet, warm and invigorating super plant - astragalus roots, also known as ‘haung gi’, have been in use for more than two thousand years now and have served as an indispensable part of traditional Chinese medicine. The potent medicinal extract, extracted from the roots of ‘astragalus membranaceous’, comes saddled with copious health advantages and has been favored by both oriental medical practitioners and contemporary medicine to treat a host of ailments like edema, diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory infections and more. This herb, that traces its roots to the Fabaceae legume family, is rich in saponins, isoflavones, sterols, amino acids and polysaccharides and has served as a potent herbal elixir to strengthen the body’s ‘qi’, meaning vitality and vigor. Apart from bolstering the body’s immunity, this “yellow” root has been effectively used to boost metabolism and stamina and offer protection against a host of devious ailments. If you are intrigued by the benefits of this potent wonder root, then checking out more on astragalus root benefits should leave you better informed on this. To know more, read on.
Benefits Of Astragalus Root 
  • Primarily feted for its medicinal properties, this perennial herb has been used by Chinese medical practitioners since ages to boost body immunity and fortify the body’s resistance against persistent infection, flu, fever, multiple allergies and more. Not only this, astragalus roots have been deemed as the answer to devious autoimmune diseases like ‘dermatomyositis’, ‘vasculitis’ and more.
  • Regular consumption of astragalus root extracts has been found to boost the body’s “chi” or vital energy enormously and keep fatigue, anxiety and stress at bay. This herbal adaptogen has been touted as the ultimate therapy for chronic fatigue and has been used to treat all kinds of depressive disorders.
  • This herbal wonder drug has found favor as the ultimate cure for diabetes and has been used extensively by oriental therapists to treat both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. What’s more, astragalus roots have been used to treat diabetic nephropathy and other key diabetic disorders.
  • Astragalus roots are believed to possess potent medicinal properties required to treat various gastrointestinal disorders and digestive disturbances like ulcers, flatulence, bloating, diarrhea, Colitis and more.
  • Astragalus roots have been found to be exceptionally useful for treating liver diseases like fibrosis and liver cirrhosis. Apart from protecting the liver from damage, astragalus roots have been used for centuries now to detoxify the liver and lower the intensity of all liver problems.
  • Astragalus roots are touted as a potent cure for cancer too! This herbal drug contains rich amounts of anti-oxidants like ‘flavanoids’ that protects the body cells from the harmful upshot of free radicals.  What’s more, astragalus roots have been used to lower the intensity of the side effects of chemotherapy as well.
  • Astragalus root has been deemed as the perfect remedy for hypertension and high blood pressure. Because of its diuretic properties, astragalus roots have been used to relax blood vessels and lower blood pressure. Apart from that, astragalus roots have been found to be extremely useful in stalling and curing cardiovascular risks.
  • Astragalus roots have shielding and strengthening effects on the heart. They contain ‘saponins’ that prevent fatty plaques from forming in the arteries and blood vessels from gumming together. In addition to this, it helps in alleviating chest distress, combats clots, cures breathlessness and regulates cholesterol levels.

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