Artificial supplements often have health risks and so it is always better to stick to the antioxidants provided by mother nature. Raid this article for the most dependable natural antioxidants.

Natural Antioxidants

Free radicals develop when oxygen molecules mutate after extreme exposure to pollution and once formed, dangers of major chain reactions are indeed high. Free radicals pose dire threats to the cellular activity within a human body. God forbid, if free radicals interlock with DNA or the cell membranes, pertinent cell functions may exacerbate and eventually die. However, our creator has endowed us with a trustworthy weapon designed to thwart these nasty attacks. We call these ‘antioxidants’. If not for the rich composition of antioxidants, mutations in our cells and DNA would multiply by the second; taking into account the contaminated air we inevitably inhale. Health conscious folks rely on dietary supplements to maintain overall wellbeing. No doubt, antioxidants are almost essential to sustain a long and healthy life, but why pop pills everyday when the option of obtaining antioxidants naturally from food is in several ways better? Nip any scope for impending doom in the bud by fixing a diet that is highly rich in oxidants. Eliminate toxins and free radicals as you resort to the natural antioxidants listed below.

List Of Natural Antioxidants

Since most of the antioxidants are widely recognized as vitamins, fruits would certainly be a great source! So how do you infer the level of antioxidant content in a fruit? A good determinant is the colour. Brighter the colour, more the vitamins you will acquire! Berries steal the number one position when comes to antioxidants. Blueberries, strawberries and cranberries quickly follow as they are all high in flavonoids. Flavonoids serve as reliable neutralizers to the potential damage caused by free radicals. If you find fruits unexciting, you could try topping it with cream or milk to make a delicious desert. However, do bear in mind that milk may reduce the powerful effect of natural antioxidants! Orange and grape juices too are excellent sources of antioxidants.

Coffee And Green Tea
Not only does coffee help you stay awake, it can also help combat free radicals! A bunch of researchers at the University of Scranton have conducted a study and somehow ascertained that coffee is a leading source of antioxidants for Americans. But do remember that milk may nullify the antioxidant effect. On a similar note, green tea can do wonders as well!

Garnish And Herbs
Garnish like parsley, coriander and dill make for fantastic antioxidant sources. Simply add them to your meals and safeguard your health. Spices aren’t only good for adding flavour to a dish, but at supplying your body with antioxidants! Garlic, the world’s magic herb has several health benefits apart from the lovely things it does to your palate! It keeps the heart healthy by decreasing cholesterol and blood pressure and largely boosts our levels of antioxidants.

Vegetables that supply the daily required quota of vitamins C and E and beta-carotene nutrients are ideal in protecting one from free radicals! Broccoli is superbly rich in calcium and beta-carotene. The presence of sulforaphane, a phytonutrient in broccoli reduces the chances of one falling prey to heart diseases or breast cancer. Tomatoes are one of the richest sources of antioxidants owing to the high content of lycopene, a pigment that gives them their beautiful red color. Believe it or not, but tomatoes are even more powerful disease fighters than beta carotene or vitamin E. Avoid overcooking your vegetables as most vitamins are easily destroyed by heat. Hence, stir fry is a preferred method of cooking which judiciously preserves the antioxidants in vegetables. Carrots and spinach serve as fabulous antioxidants too.

It is commonly believed that whatever tastes good is a nightmare to our body. Who would’ve dreamed that dark chocolates (natural) and red wine are antioxidants with great health benefits? Nonetheless, do not binge on either of them, it could backfire!

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