In case you are trying to explore natural remedies for curing emphysema, this article will be of help. Go through it and find natural treatments & cures for the disease.

Natural Remedies For Curing Emphysema

Emphysema can be described as a disease of the lungs, which is chronic in nature and usually affects a person around middle-age. It leads to narrowing of the passages that lead to the tiny air sacs, known as alveoli and bronchioles, in the lungs. With time, the air sacs become permanently inflated with air, the number of blood vessels gets reduced and the tissues also lose their elasticity. This results in breathlessness in the affected person, followed by coughing and difficulty in even chewing and swallowing. Gradually, the patient loses appetite and starts losing weight as well. Emphysema mainly affects the people who are already suffering from chronic bronchitis and asthma, but can also result from infection and exposure to high levels of air pollution, smoking and dust.
Natural Treatments & Cures For Emphysema
Exclusive Diet
One of the best home remedies for emphysema comprise of an exclusive diet for 8 to 10 days. In the first four to six days of the diet, the patient has to observe a fast and survive on a diet of vegetable and fruit juices only. During this time, he/she also has to undergo a warm water enema, for the purpose of cleansing the bowels. In the next four days or so, he/she will concentrate on a diet of fresh juicy fruits, such as orange, apple, peach, pineapple, papaya and pear. Thereafter, the patient would be required to adopt a well balanced diet, which includes lost of nuts, grains, seeds, vegetables and fruits. As far as possible, he/she should stick to raw vegetables and fresh fruits as well as vegetable and fruit juices. A glass of buttermilk can also be had along with the meals.
Other Remedies 
  • Chewing 2-3 cloves of garlic, on a daily basis, has been found to be effective in treating emphysema naturally. You can also add a small amount of garlic juice to the fresh vegetable juice and drink the same.
  • In context of home remedies for emphysema, lemon as well as lime has also proved beneficial. You can intake 1 tsp of fresh lime or lemon juice several times a day, either before or between meals.
  • Yet another natural remedy for emphysema will comprise of aniseed (saunf). Take a teaspoon of brown sugar and add nine drops of aniseed oil to it. Mix well and consume daily.
  • Amaranth, a green leafy vegetable, can also be used to treat emphysema. For the purpose, you will need to mix fresh juice of the vegetable with honey and drink it at least once in a day.
  • Vitamin C and E have been seen to be beneficial for patients suffering from emphysema. Including foods enriched with these two vitamins, in the daily diet, can help cure the disease to quite an extent. 
Some Tips 
  • For the patients who have been affected by emphysema, it is advisable to stay in a clean and healthy environment, completely free of smoke and pollution. Smoking is also a strict No-No.
  • Emphysema makes a patient lose significant weight. In order to gain back the lost pounds, it is advisable to consume frequent meals that are small in size, but contain a high amount of energy.
  • Regular exercise is a must for all those who are beseeched by the problem of emphysema. The best exercise will comprise of walking on a daily basis, for 2-3 km. Deep breathing in fresh air will also help.

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