Get your hands on all the fresh veggies and fruits to enjoy the rich benefits of antioxidants. To know more on antioxidant benefits, read on.

Benefits Of Antioxidants

Obsessed with looking young? Well, you do not really have to scour the globe like Juan Ponce de Leon to find your own ‘Fountain of Youth’. Just gobbling down greens, dried nuts, fresh fruits and veggies everyday would ensure that you give those runway glam dolls a run for their money. All you have to do is drop the jellybeans, snicker bars, wafers, cookies and beer cans from your grocery list and chock up your cart with carrots, melons, beans, berries and greens instead to enjoy some healthy noshing. Apart from whetting up your bon appetite, these fruits and veggies would stall ageing, prevent cancer and cardiac diseases and lengthen your life span by years. Sounds too good to be true, right? Take it or leave it, but it’s true. All the bright colored fruits and vegetables like spinach, melons, tomatoes, red bell peppers, mangoes and more, that you see on the supermarket shelves are loaded with antioxidants, a compound that helps to fight the free radicals in the body and minimize the influence of ‘oxidative stress’. If you want to dig deep on the health perks of antioxidants, read on.
Antioxidants Benefits 
  • Did you know that binging on beans, blueberries, broccoli and bell peppers could stall the free radicals from ravaging your good health and well-being and keep cancer away? One of the biggest highs of hogging on rich antioxidant sources like vitamin A, C, E, Vitamin B6 and folic acid is that it helps to inhibit the oxidization of cells thereby preventing cell damage and terminating all risks of cancer.
  • Wish to go slow on your age? Forget the expensive anti-ageing creams, facial fuels and botox and go au natural with antioxidants, the new ‘age-defying’ factor. Antioxidants have been found to reduce ‘oxidative stress’ and minimize free radical damages thereby shielding collagen from degenerative effects of oxidation and slowing down your ageing by years. So if you wish to stay young and feel gorgeous for long, don’t forget to gorge on apricots, avocadoes, berries, cherries for a healthier, beautiful looking you.
  • Shopping down your supermarket aisle can keep the flu bug away and fortify your body’s resistance. Wonder how? Supermarket stalls are stacked with super foods like pumpkins, mangoes, berries, figs, cantaloupes and more that are rich in antioxidants that help to fight off free radical raids. What’s more, antioxidants helps to repair damaged cells and fortify boost body’s immunity thereby keeping flu, cold and other infections at bay.
  • Exposure to cigarette fumes, drugs, radiation, inorganic particles and gases can fill your body with free radicals and damage your cells beyond repair, leading to high cardiovascular risks. A diet rich in antioxidants like flavanoids and lycopenes can happily keep all cardiac risks at bay and provide additional protection to your arteries and blood vessels too.
  • Antioxidants have more benefits than you can even think of. Apart from offering maximum protection against degenerative diseases, antioxidants serve to thwart all risks of glaucoma and macular degeneration and are the ultimate elixir for eye related disorders and boosting metabolism.  

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