Holy basil, commonly known as Tulsi, contains numerous medicinal properties. Read on to explore some health benefits of holy basil.

Benefits Of Basil

Holy basil, commonly known as ‘Tulsi’, is a common sight in most of the Indian households (where it is usually worshipped). We are all aware of the religious aspect of Tulsi, but most of us fail to realize its medicinal and remedial properties. A small plant of holy basil is enough to keep an entire family safe from many diseases. Tulsi literally means the “incomparable one” and true to its meaning, it not only possesses a variety of medicinal properties, but helps in balancing the mind and emotions as well. In the following lines, we have listed the health and medicinal benefits of holy basil, also called tulsi or the elixir of life.
Health Benefits Of Holy Basil
Best Remedy For Many Skin Disorders
The essence of holy basil is used in many medicinal and beauty soaps. You can put some tulsi leaves in your bathing water, a few minutes before taking bath, to make the skin smooth and disease free. It helps in getting rid of many skin disorders, like ringworms, rashes and eczema. Holy basil also imparts a soothing and cooling effect to the body. It cures skin disorders from both outside and inside, without any side effects.
Promotes Digestion & Prevents Flatulence
The juice of holy basil leaves works as appetizer, apart from promoting digestion, preventing flatulence and healing many other stomach problems. It helps treat constipation and several other abdominal disorders as well.
Helps In Oral Care
Tulsi contains ingredients that destroy the bacteria responsible for plaque and cavities. Its leaves also work as an excellent mouth fresher. It is also effective in treating ulcer, although you should avoid keeping it in your mouth for longer periods.
Promotes Longevity
Holy basil is called the “elixir of life”, not just because of its religious significance, but also because it helps promote longevity. It boosts immunity and protects the body from the harmful effects of free radicals.
A Great Beauty Product
Holy basil helps in increasing hair luster. It also gives volume to hair and cures lice problem. The leaves of this plant contain anti-aging elements. They also purify the blood and help in treating acne. The juice of holy basil leaves removes dark spots from the face and provides glow and radiance.
Helps Improve Memory
Holy basil is an excellent rejuvenator, which has been known to help reduce stress, relax the mind and assist the body in improving memory. You just need to swallow eight to ten crushed tulsi leaves, along with some honey, almond and black pepper.
De-pollutes The Atmosphere
Holy basil is considered to have some elements which help in purifying the environment. In addition, it cleanses the polluted water as well. Although regular tending and caring is needed, growing it in your courtyard will not only give you medicinal advantage, but will purify your environment too.
Excellent Mosquito Repellent
It has been found that tulsi has excellent anti-malarial properties. Planting it in your courtyard will keep the mosquitoes and bugs away. It can be consumed as anti malarial medicine as well and applied directly to the skin in case of insect-bite.
Remarkable Healing Properties
Tulsi oil contains hundreds of beneficial components and is a strong anti-septic against many disease-causing organisms, like bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Also, the antioxidants present in basil help in reducing the damaging effect of stress on the body. It works as pain killer and increases the natural immunity system and enhances the defense mechanism of the body as well.

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