Managing belly button rings can become a problematic issue in case of a pregnant woman. Read on to explore, how to manage belly button rings during pregnancy.

How To Manage Belly Button Rings During Pregnancy

If you are a woman, looking good is an essential part of your life. It is very difficult for you to compromise on this ‘fashion front’. However, during the phase of pregnancy, it becomes essential to take care of your health and hygiene more than taking care of your looks. So, you must be very particular about what you wear and what kind of fashion items you are opting for, to enhance your looks. There is no need to compromise on your trendy looks; but it is always better to take care of what you do and how you do it!
Belly Button Rings are one of the trendiest ways to show yourself as fashion conscious and it also adds on to your look, if you want to exhibit your baby bum. To some women, it proves to be a reminder of their non-pregnant physical appearance. So, many of them resist removing their belly button rings during pregnancy, especially if they are young and this is their first pregnancy. If you want to go with this, but are wondering how to manage belly button rings during pregnancy, here are few handy tips for you.
Managing Belly Button Ring In Pregnancy
Be Careful About Hygiene
If you have made up your mind to stay with your belly button, make sure that you are very particular about keeping your belly area free from all kinds of infections. That is why it becomes mandatory to pay extra care to your hygiene factor. Do not let any kind of itching zone develop in that area, because that can further lead to pus and wounds.
Get A Pregnancy Piercing Ring
If you are pregnant, it is better to go for non-metallic pregnancy rings. This kind of ring stretches along with your growing tummy and thus, has less chances of catching infection or wounds during your tummy expansion. Some of them are designed in a way that they expand with your growing tummy. So, there would be no itching and no issue of pain!
Look Out For Skin Tearing
If you dare to go along with your metallic belly ring throughout the pregnancy phase, after the initial six months (when your tummy will start growing enormously), there are chances that you will develop rashes as well as skin abrasion. At this stage, it is better to remove your belly button ring. However, if you want to continue with it, you must be in constant consult of a physician for antibiotic treatment of the wound.
Go For A Larger Ring
Taking advice of a piercing artist is also advisable. Most of them will suggest going with a large size ring during pregnancy. It is to ensure that when your baby develops inside and your tummy grows, the size of the ring remains adjustable to your tummy size.
Consult Your Doctor
Consult your doctor about your piercing. In case you are going to have a caesarian birth, most of the doctors will suggest removal of the ring. However, there are certain doctors who allow the non-metallic rings even during the operations. So, a lot depends upon your doctor’s preference.
Clip-On Belly Button Ring
If you want to go with the belly button ring trend, but are afraid of the consequences, the safest way for you is to opt for a stick on or clip-on belly button ring. They will not only provide you carefree attitude for infections and pain, but will also not let you compromise on your fashion front.

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