Belly dance form is a host of several health benefits. Explore this article to know belly-dancing benefits.

Belly Dancing Benefits

Do you feel like shaking your booty on the numbers of Shakira or you may even want to dance like Shakira? Belly dancing or called as Raks Sharki or Raqs Baladi in Arabic, is a popular fad today and not without a good reason. It is very beneficial for the whole body and mind. The graceful dance form utilizes most muscles and offers a wealth of health benefits for those practicing it. Belly dancing popularity ranges even to Hollywood, and has been featured in several Hollywood movies especially in many James Bond films. Although Shakira rules in exploiting the popularity of this dance form, several other celebrity singers, which tried their hands in it, are Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, and Hilary Duff. So what are you waiting for? Read on to know the benefits of shaking your belly to belly dancing.
Health Benefits Of Belly Dances
Helps In Losing Weight
Depending on the intensity of dance, belly dance can help you lose up to 300 calories per hour. If you are planning to lose weight, nothing can be more fun and effective as a belly dance.
Helping In PMS
Belly dance can help in clearing up the congestion in the pelvic area and thus helps in decreasing the pre menstrual syndrome.
Helps In Toning Muscles
The graceful moves of belly dancing works on the torso thus helping in toning muscles. The best part about this dance is that it works with all the muscles working with them instead of working against it and thus helps in toning, strengthening, maintaining the flexibility.  
Lowers Stress Levels
In the era of continuous stress, anything, which gives a break, is welcoming. And raks sharki or belly dancing is such a beautiful break. The subtle rhythms and the traditional movements lull the mind and help it to relax.
Increases The Bone Density
As it is called as the weight bearing exercise, it helps in increasing the bone density and helps in preventing osteoporosis and strengthening bones.
Helpful In Back And Joint Pains
The movements of belly dance put the ligaments and the joints of the back and the hip in gentle but repetitive movements, which helps in increasing the flow of synovial fluid in these joints. This fluid helps in alleviating the back and joint pains.
Helps In Childbirth
The benefits of belly dancing in happy delivery were known since ages as one of the theories of the origination of belly dancing says that this dance form was used by the women to demonstrate or ease childbirth during earlier times.

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