Read on how to get rid of belly fat by eating the right kinds of food. These foods can help burn your belly fat.

Best Diets For Belly Fat

You’re piling on the pounds and you know it. Your frantic life hardly ever gives you the time for exercise of any sort, but you still manage to pinch out a few hours per week. During these few hours of exercise, you lift weights, run and cycle a bit and also work on you abdominal muscles (abs). However, losing those inches of repulsive belly fat is turning out to be such a herculean task and an uphill climb. You’re just clueless on how to get ripped, the dream of washboard abs does not seem to be materializing into reality. What’s the issue? Are you not exercising enough? Are you following an ineffective fitness plan? Well, maybe your diet is the issue. For an average individual, if he or she works out on a daily basis, but stills eats the wrong kinds of foods (burgers, samosas, pizza, oily dosas, sweets, etc.), attaining a flat stomach will be almost next to impossible. Fat burning foods are the foods that burn more calories than they contain, which helps burn fat stored by your body. Read on the foods that harmonize your fitness plans and help you get rid of belly fat.
Best Diets To Lose Belly Fat
Low Fat Dairy Products 
A well-known fact, people who consume low-fat dairy products (low-fat milk and yogurt) are more likely to lose more fat than people who follow no dairy diets. In a study executed at Purdue University people who ‘ingested’ 3 cups of fat-free milk per day lost more weight than the people who didn’t. So, feel free to get your daily dose of lactose, it can work miracles for your fitness dreams. However, avoid dairy products that are high on fat. 

Oatmeal is high on soluble fiber and helps in cutting down your blood cholesterol levels by ridding your body off bad digestive acids and burning fat. Oatmeal is best had in its unflavored and unsweetened form. You may be tempted to top your oats with sugar, butter, or artificial flavors, but these toppings can destroy its benefits. You can always make oatmeal so much more interesting by adding honey, raisins, or fresh fruit to it. 

Lean Meat
Lean cuts of meat can go a long way in helping you put on muscle, burn fat, and look and feel fitter. However, you’ve got to know where to draw the line. Always try to consume meat that’s not too weighed down with fat. When buying meat or poultry, get the fat trimmed. The consumption of this trimmed meat can also help boost your immune system. So, the next time you feel like a ‘carnivore’ and wish to eat like one, make sure you eat the right kind of meat. 

Whole Grain Foods
Whole grain foods are the foods that are unprocessed, foods that have not been stripped off their nutrients. Whole wheat bread, whole-wheat pasta, and whole grain cereals are examples of whole grain foods. These foods are not too low on carbs, but are definitely high on nutrients. It’s the processed ‘high-carb’ foods that you should be sprinting away from; foods like white rice, processed pastas and white bread are all belly bloaters. On the other hand, whole grain foods are blessed with the fiber and minerals that your body needs; they are also rich in ‘unprocessed carbs’. 

Eggs are rich in proteins and can help you get rid of excess belly fat. However, most dieters stay away from eggs because of its yolk. An egg yolk is rich in cholesterol, but it’s not the dietary cholesterol that’s bad for you, but it’s the dietary fat which is bad. Dietary fat is the perpetrator of the crime; it’s responsible for raising your bad cholesterol levels. If you’re still worried about your cholesterol intake and want to play safe, you can always choose to do away with the yolk and have only the whites. An egg white is rich in protein and you get to use to advantage the benefits of an egg. An egg also contains the vitamin B12 – a supplement that assists in the breakdown of fat cells. 

Citrus Fruits
Vitamin C has the competence to burn the fat in your body, and everyone who knows anything about fruits knows that citrus fruits like oranges, lime, lemons and grapes are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C acts like fire, it can actually pulverize the harmful effects of fat by diluting it so that it makes its way out of the body. It’s time you think on the lines of citrus, build on your appetite for oranges and grapes and watch your belly fat loosen its vice-like grip over your stomach. 

Beans are great sources of protein, iron, and fiber. Most beans are linked to ‘gastrointestinal turbulences’, but that shouldn’t stop you from consuming them. They’re still extremely healthy and help in burning fat. The best kinds of beans to eat are navy beans, kidney beans, and white beans. However, stay away from the varieties that have been baked or fried, they’re high on saturated fats and sugar. A complete no-no if you’re yearning to flaunt a flat stomach. Beans are best had boiled, but make it a point to cook them thoroughly; this is because our digestive systems may not be able to break down the proteins contained in certain beans.

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