In order to indulge in the best lower abs workout, you need to keep certain basic tips in mind. Browse through this article and know how to do lower ab exercises.

How To Do Lower Ab Exercises

'Washboard flat stomach' - this is the dream of almost every man and woman in this world. After all, which male would not like to sport six-pack abs and which female would want to carry extra pounds on her stomach? In order to fulfill their dream, people often end up concentrating on the upper abdomen only. They need to understand all that, in order to get that perfectly toned stomach; they need to work upon upper as well as lower abs. In this article, concentrating on the second part of the abdomen, we will tell you how to do lower ab exercises.
Tips For Best Lower Abs Workout
No Pain, No Gain!
The first tip that you need to keep in mind, while doing lower ab exercises, is that you have to feel some stress in that particular set of muscles, while working out. If you don’t feel your lower abs working, it is possible that you are not doing the exercise correctly. However, it you stop feeling the stress some time into the workout, it means that the muscles have been overworked and you need to give them a break.
Beware of Back Pain
While indulging in lower abdominal workout, be aware of any pain in your back. Contrary to what many people believe, back pain is not the most obvious result of your muscles being worked for the first time. Rather, it means that either you are not performing the exercise correctly or you don't have the strength to do the particular exercise (as of now). So, make sure never to take back pain lightly, while doing abdominal exercises.
What's The Hurry
Never ever be in a hurry to do a particular set of exercise. Being quick has nothing to do with effectiveness of the exercise. In fact, displaying too much swiftness can increases your momentum and can indulge even those muscles in the exercise that should be lying dormant. On top of that, it can also reduce your control over the abdominal muscles and lead to a drop in the efficiency of the overall workout.
Diversity Is The Key
While planning your abdominal workout, you need to keep in mind that the lower abs are made up of more than one muscle. In order to tone them up, you need to attack each and every muscle. Most of the lower abdominal exercises go in the same range of motion i.e. along the body. In order to tone and strengthen your lower abs, you need to modify the exercises a bit and include an "angle of attack" to the right and left side as well.
Principle Of Muscle Equality
Whenever you are doing any exercise, you need to keep the general principle of 'muscle equality' in mind. As per this principle, when you work on one set of muscles, it is necessary to exercise the set of muscles that is complementary to it. When talking about lower abs, it can be taken to meas that along with the abdominal exercises, you also need to indulge in a set of back and lower back exercises, to provide a balance.
Learn To Persist
Lower abs can be counted amongst those set of muscles that require a longer time to show results. In most of the cases, you will not see any immediate effects. However, don't let that dampen your spirit. Continue with the workout. Apart from the lower abs, it will make a positive difference to your overall fitness as well. Still, if you feel frustrated at not getting positive results soon, try to intensify cardio workouts.

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