Not all of us are blessed with the motivation to workout. However, it only requires a change in our mentality & certain self-motivational tips. Explore all about motivating yourself to exercise.

Motivational Exercise Tips

Often, people lack the motivation to run the track or lift weights in the gym and they prefer doing anything except these. They know that they have to workout and even that it is good for their health as well as physical appearance, but still face trouble in having enthusiasm for the same. The primary reasons that lead to failure are lack of training, performance worry and low self-esteem. Things that can help motivate one to exercise are finding a workout partner; maintain a log of the exercise schedule; reading magazines, books or websites in the same arena; and rewarding oneself after a good workout. Apart from that, there are many other ways to motivate yourself to exercise. In the following lines, we have listed a few motivational exercise tips, whichwill help you stay active and happy with your fitness schedule and workout time.
Motivating Yourself To Exercise 
  • If you do not like running, walking or lifting, do not indulge in the same. There are many other kinds of exercises that you can perform. Find something that you like, as the only important thing is to get your body moving and your heart rate up.
  • Feel good and happy about yourself after a workout. This will motivate you the next time and keep your spirits high.
  • Keep a count of the calories being burnt while exercising. It is an effective motivation for those who are exercising to lose weight. The more you exercise; the more calories you will burn and the more weight you will lose.
  • Imagine yourself as getting slimmer and fitter after indulging in regular exercise. Visualizing yourself this way will drive you to exercise more and on a regular basis as well. 
  • Alternate your routine with different exercises from time to time. Try yoga or kick boxing in the afternoon. This will keep you interested and break your muscles out of their routine; thus, producing better results.
  • Get a friend to exercise along with you, as this will introduce a positive kind of peer pressure. You will hit the gym regularly as you will know that someone is waiting for you. Talking and laughing while exercising is also a good way to keep you from getting bored.
  • Get a professional trainer to guide you to your level. Since you have paid for yourself, you will have no choice, but to hit the gym regularly. The trainer will help you assess your current program and incorporate new moves and strategies to bust you out of your rut and forge ahead.
  • Exercising can be irritating, uncomfortable, frustrating and even unsafe, if you do not have the appropriate exercising clothes. Choose clothes that are comfortable and look nice as well.
  • Put all the necessary items required for exercising such as iPod, athletic shoes, towels, etc. in your gym bag, ahead of time. After you finish working out, remove things to be laundered and replace immediately.
  • Be specific while setting exercise goals. They should be meaningful and obtainable. Otherwise, you will get de-motivated.
  • When you reach a goal, reward yourself. You can buy yourself a cute pair of bike shorts or go for a weekend hiking trip. Get a new yoga video or soak yourself in the sauna the whole day. This will motivate you to set more goals and achieve them to reward yourself with healthy prizes.

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