Controlling the pancreatic disease requires a specific diet regime. Explore the article for tips on pancreatic diet.

Pancreatitis Diet

When the pancreas goes for a toss, the digestion suffers. This important organ is responsible for producing important hormones like insulin and digestive enzymes like pancreatic juice. The most common form of disease in the pancreas is its inflammation. The cancer of the pancreas is also very common and is the fifth most prevalent cancer in the world. Increasing alcohol abuse and smoking further aggravates the condition. The causes of pancreases diseases are varied and can also be hereditary. Diet plays a major role in controlling pancreatitis. Red meat should be avoided like the plague. In the pointers below are given some tip to maintain your diet, in case of pancreatitis.
Pancreatitis Diet Plan
Foods To Be Avoided
  • Avoid red meat. Take chicken instead but minimize its intake.
  • Avoid fat. Go for a diet that is fat free or has the minimal fat.
  • Also, minimize the intake of sweets and desserts to maintain the blood glucose level.
  • Eat foods rich in carbohydrates like whole grains, cereals, and bread and proteins like soybean, whey, and parmesan cheese but no red meat.
  • Avoid spicy food, butter, and ghee.
  • Avoid large meals and go for smaller ones.
  • Don’t drink beverages that contain caffeine.
  • Smoking and alcohol stimulate the pancreas to overwork. Chewing tobacco is also harmful. 
Diet To Be Maintained
Vegetable Soup
Have vegetable soup without any addition of meat or meat broth. Tomato soup is especially good as it is rich in anti- oxidants, which maintains the health of the pancreas. When buying canned or packed soup make sure that it is labeled as a vegetarian. Soups provide many nutrients and fluid, which boosts the pancreas.
Green Leafy Vegetables
These are a rich source of iron and vitamin B, which is very good for the pancreatic treatment. Some may cause allergies, so, test, or consult your physician before consuming. Spinach is the most highly recommended.
Red Grapes
The skin of red grapes is rich in the anti- oxidant resveratrol that is very effective in healing the pancreas. For people whose conditions are not serious, they can take a glass of red wine every day, as it is also a good source of the anti- oxidant.
Red Reishi Mushrooms
Traditionally these mushrooms have been used for medicinal purposes in Asia. The mushroom fights the inflammation of the pancreas and thus balances the system.
Tofu is an excellent substitute for meat as it is a great source of protein. So, the fat level in the blood stream is also controlled.
The bacteria in yogurt maintain the immunity of the body and balance the digestive system. The probiotics also control the inflammation of the pancreas.
The blueberry chemicals counteract against the free radicals and thus stabilize the condition. It is also a good source of anti-oxidants.

Herbs are rich in nutrients and anti- oxidants. They also boost the immune system and reduce the inflammation. Herbs can be taken either as a form of tea or as dried extracts. Some of the herbs that are very good in healing the pancreas are Holy basil (Ocimum sanctum), Cat's claw (Uncaria tomentosa), Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea), Green tea (Camellia sinensis), Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis).

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