When time starts to take its toll on the body only exercise can slow the process. Explore the article below to learn the various senior citizen exercise tools.

Senior Citizen Exercise Tools

Age is one aspect of life that no one has control over. What one can control though is its effect on the body and mind. At an age when the body tends to lose its vigor and the mind its sharpness, when the vagaries of the years make their presence felt then the only way to counter this is to work towards strengthening the mechanisms that rev up the physical and mental health. That is why exercise is very necessary for senior citizens to keep them in top shape. A regular exercise routine will also keep diseases and disorders at bay, which tend to affect more often at this age. A balanced diet and proper exercise will keep senior citizens hale and hearty, and also reduce their dependence on medicines. What many people generally think at the mention of exercise is heavy equipment and dedicated time. Especially for senior citizens this is not true as they need to focus on light exercises. So, generally they do not require any specialized equipments. Simple objects can turn into effective exercise tools and working out with them regularly can give an enormous boost to their frail constitution. Find out information on what these exercise tools for senior citizens are, and how they can exercise with them read on more.
Exercise Equipments For Senior Citizens
  • Senior citizens who wish to work on their strength and endurance should get a particular tool that is just a set of pedals. The pedals can be attached to a chair or wheelchair which will facilitate the senior citizens in their workout.
  • To improve the sitting and standing balance, senior citizens can employ a tool that can help them in doing it. This tool is an air filled rubber disk that is two inches tall, which can be kept on the floor or on a chair.
  • Free weights of up to 5 lbs. can be used safely by the senior citizens to increase their strength. Little by little the weight can be increased. However, take care that the workout routine varies from individual to individual and it is better to ask the doctor for suggestions.
  • Stationary bikes are also a great exercise tool for seniors. They can use this to exercise at home whenever they feel like as it is not much tiring.
  • Wide rubber bands can also be used to build strength. The rubber bands also known as resistance bands can be used to pull and stretch the muscles.
  • The stairs in the house can also be an excellent exercise tool. Slowly walking up and down a flight of stairs will not only strengthen the body but it will also improve the mobility in the senior citizens. Sometimes help may be required to make them walk up and down the stairs.
  • Another tool to increase the movement in senior citizens is to employ a special set off squares. These squares can be kept in the floor in a particular design and using it will increase the movement and balance.
  • Rubber ball in various sizes can also be used by the senior citizens to increase their balance. According to the instructions these balls can be used to lie upon, sit upon on or stand with the back pressed with the ball against a wall.
  • The balance and the gait can be improved with various exercise tools like parallel bars, walkers and canes.
  • Another exercise tool is the standing table which can be used to strengthen the standing balance and the posture.

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